All-New Ford Territory SUV Arriving Soon In The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, 8 July 2020 – Ford Philippines is set to bring the all-new Ford Territory for the first time in the country to give Filipino customers a new SUV offering that will complement today’s modern lifestyles and needs. 

Ford Philippines is the first market in the company’s International Market Group (IMG) composed of nearly 100 markets around the world to offer the all-new Ford Territory, which will reinforce Ford’s presence in the small and mini-SUV segments in the country. 

Launching in the Philippines in August, the all-new Ford Territory will deliver an appeal to young professionals and small families with its segment-leading features and capabilities offered at a competitive price point. 

“The all-new Ford Territory is designed to empower the modern Filipino driver who don’t want to compromise features, space, technology and versatility in their vehicle,” said PK Umashankar, managing director, Ford Philippines. “With Ford’s heritage and global expertise in designing class-leading SUVs, we are confident that the all-new Ford Territory will resonate with Filipino customers looking for an all-in-one package in their SUV.”

Customers can sign up for exclusive updates and product details on the all-new Ford Territory by visiting

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Ford To Produce 50,000 Ventilators In Michigan In Next 100 Days; Partnering With GE Healthcare Will Help Coronavirus Patients

  • Ford, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, will leverage the design of Airon Corp.’s FDA-cleared ventilator to produce in Michigan
  • With the full weight of the UAW behind the venture and the full power of Ford and GE Healthcare, production of the GE/Airon Model A-E ventilator is targeted to start the week of April 20 at Ford’s Rawsonville (Mich.) Components Plant
  • Ford expects to produce 50,000 of the ventilators within the next 100 days, with the ability to produce 30,000 a month thereafter as needed
  • The simplified ventilator design – licensed by GE Healthcare from Florida-based Airon Corp. – is responsive to the needs of most COVID-19 patients, and operates on air pressure without the need for electricity
  • This unique, go-fast initiative comes in addition to the previously announced program by Ford and GE Healthcare to increase production capacity of existing GE Healthcare ventilators
Ventilator Production Chart

DEARBORN, Mich., March 31, 2020 – Ford Motor Company, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, announced today it will begin producing in Michigan a third-party ventilator with the goal to produce 50,000 of the vitally needed units within 100 days and up to 30,000 a month thereafter as needed.

Ford will provide its manufacturing capabilities to quickly scale production, and GE Healthcare will provide its clinical expertise and will license the current ventilator design from Airon Corp. – a small, privately held company specializing in high-tech pneumatic life support products. GE Healthcare brought the Airon Corp. design to Ford’s attention as part of the companies’ efforts to scale production of ventilators quickly to help clinicians treat COVID-19 patients.

The GE/Airon Model A-E ventilator uses a design that operates on air pressure without the need for electricity, addressing the needs of most COVID-19 patients. Its production can be quickly scaled to help meet growing demand in the U.S.

“The Ford and GE Healthcare teams, working creatively and tirelessly, have found a way to produce this vitally needed ventilator quickly and in meaningful numbers,” said Jim Hackett, Ford’s president and CEO. “By producing this ventilator in Michigan, in strong partnership with the UAW, we can help health care workers save lives, and that’s our No. 1 priority.”

According to White House Defense Production Act Coordinator Peter Navarro, “the Ford/GE Healthcare team is moving in ‘Trump time’ to speed urgently needed ventilators to the front lines of the Trump Administration’s full-scale war against the coronavirus. Just as Ford in the last century moved its manufacturing might seamlessly from auto to tank production during World War II, the Ford team is working with GE Healthcare to use its awesome engineering and manufacturing capabilities to voluntarily help this nation solve one of its most pressing problems. We salute that effort and look forward to the first ventilators rolling off the Michigan assembly line in record time – and we’ll be there to salute that milestone.”

Ford will initially send a team to work with Airon to boost production in Florida, and by the week of April 20, will start production at Ford’s Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., quickly ramping up to reach full production to help meet surging demand.

Ford expects to produce 1,500 by the end of April, 12,000 by the end of May and 50,000 by July 4 – helping the U.S. government meet its goal of producing 100,000 ventilators in 100 days.

Ford’s Rawsonville plant will produce the ventilators nearly around the clock, with 500 paid volunteer UAW-represented employees working on three shifts. Airon currently produces three Airon pNeuton Model A ventilators per day in Melbourne, Fla. At full production, Ford plans to make 7,200 Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilators per week.

“From the days of Rosie the Riveter, UAW members have stepped up during difficult times in this nation’s history for the good of us all,” said UAW International President Rory Gamble. “Today’s announcement by Ford that UAW employees will make ventilators at Rawsonville is in that tradition. We are working very closely with Ford to make sure that all CDC guidelines are followed and that we are exercising an abundance of caution inside the plant. Ford and our UAW Ford members should be commended for stepping up in these very uncertain times.”

The Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilator is the second Ford-GE Healthcare ventilator collaboration. Last week, Ford and GE Healthcare announced a separate effort to produce a simplified ventilator design from GE Healthcare. The combined ventilator supply will help address the increasing surge demand for ventilators around the U.S in the fight against COVID-19, each well suited to meet time, production volume and patient care requirements.

“We applaud Ford for its efforts to lend its manufacturing capabilities to help quickly scale the Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilator and arm clinicians in the fight against COVID-19,” said GE Healthcare President and CEO Kieran Murphy. “Our deep understanding of the health care industry with Ford’s supply chain and production expertise will help meet the unprecedented demand for medical equipment. We continue to be encouraged by how quickly companies are coming together in innovative ways to address this collective challenge.”

GE Heathcare and Ford consulted with medical experts in determining the Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilator is well suited for COVID-19 patient care. The design is expected to meet the needs of most COVID-19 patients with respiratory failure or difficulty breathing. The ventilator is designed for quick setup, making it easy for healthcare workers to use – and can be deployed in an emergency room setting, during special procedures or in an intensive care unit, wherever the patient may be located.

Ford, along with the companies it is supporting, will provide additional updates as these special projects progress.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan. The company designs, manufactures, markets and services a full line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, electrified vehicles and Lincoln luxury vehicles, provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company and is pursuing leadership positions in electrification, autonomous vehicles and mobility solutions. Ford employs approximately 190,000 people worldwide. For more information regarding Ford, its products and Ford Motor Credit Company, please visit

About GE

GE (NYSE:GE) rises to the challenge of building a world that works. For more than 125 years, GE has invented the future of industry, and today the company’s dedicated team, leading technology, and global reach and capabilities help the world work more efficiently, reliably, and safely. GE’s people are diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest level of integrity and focus to fulfill GE’s mission and deliver for its customers.

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Employment opportunities available for Cebuanos as Tech Mahindra opens fourth site

In the photo (from left to right): Mr. John Arfy  Ceniza, PEZA Information Officer; Atty. Ann Marie Teresa P. Ortega, PEZA Zone Manager 3; Mr. Anand Achuthan, APAC Head Tech Mahindra, Cebu Vice Mayor Mike Rama; Ms. Joy Abueg, Palawan ICT President; Mr. Jun Saa, Managing Director CIBO, Cebu City Treasurer Atty. Jerone Castillo; and Mr. Reynaldo Beluso II, Cebu HR Head Tech Mahindra.

More than 1000 job opportunities are available for Cebuanos as Tech Mahindra Ltd. opens their fourth site in FilinvestCyberzone Tower 2 of IT Park, Lahug.

“We started off with just 400 employees back in 2011 in our Fuente Osmeña branch. Now, we have 3000 people and we are looking at having 4000 to 5000 people over the next fiscal year,” said Anand Achuthan, APAC Head of Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Tech Mahindra Ltd. is a multinational subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. They provide information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Established in 2011, they now have over 3000 employees in Cebu. Two of their sites are located in General Maxilom Avenue while one is in Ebloc 3 in IT Park.

Requirements are not stringent and even Senior High School students are welcome to apply. Applicants should just know how to speak in English and use the computer.

“Tech Mahindra values diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We are very open to LGBT and differently-abled employees as long as they can speak and type. Other than the skill set, we can also cater to Senior High School graduates since they have better competencies now,” said Reynaldo Beluso II, J.D., Cebu HR Head of Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Compared to other BPO’s, Tech Mahindra is continuing to expand. According to the Cebu IT BPM Organization (CIBO), they are the only BPO company in the country that is expanding this quarter.

“We are very lucky. We hope to continue to expand in the future and provide jobs for more Cebuanos and quality service to our clients,” said Beluso.

For inquiries and more information on how to apply, visit Tech Mahindra’s Facebook page at Tech Mahindra – Cebu Recruitment. ###

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Open Letter To SeaG Athletes

Dear Southeast Asia Games athletes,

We are called brothers for a reason: our countries and peoples are so closely related to each other such that what hurts one affects all the rest.

We are therefore terribly upset at what happened to you after arriving here in our country to join the SEA Games.

To be so shabbily treated in our land, whether in having to wait for hours at the airport or in having to sleep on the hotel floor or in being transported in cramped vehicles unfit for topnotch athletes, you certainly deserve more than what you have experienced so far.

Please believe us when we say we want to welcome you not just with a red carpet but with the most heartfelt smiles and hugs, the kind that will make you feel like you’re in the safest and most comfortable of places…home.

But alas, while our people deeply feel our oneness with you, it seems that our leaders are unable to send the message across.

Instead of putting in place a professional management for the Games, our President established a network of politicians whom he has praised as a brilliant team to oversee the event.

Instead of trusting in a fool-proof organization to supervise athlete arrivals, accomodations and transportation, our President handed over such functions to a private group ironically composed of the same politicians who now act as if they are experts in the field where they are so miserably failing.

Instead of investing funds to ensure that the SEA Games will showcase meaningful regional brotherhood, our national leadership spent millions of pesos in a cauldron that will serve as a symbolic torch to open an event which has obviously started off wrong already.

Those millions could have fed thousands of earthquake victims in our country, but we spent them on the SEA Games to fulfill a task in a manner that is supposed to justify its spending. Yet, the embarassing performance of our politicians who are shabbily treating your athletes in our country now makes the huge spending look utterly unjustifiable.

We are deeply sorry for what is taking place at the SEA Games in our country now. We are ashamed at what our President and his hand-picked politicians have done to your athletes and for painting a wrong picture of what Filipino hospitality is all about.

On behalf of our incompetent leaders, please accept our heartfelt apologies. Their actuations do not speak of our character as a people. Their arrogance and inefficiency do not necessarily reflect that of the whole Filipino nation.

We are one with you in showing to the rest of the world that we are the regional descendants of Lim Bo Seng, Nicolau Lobato, Abdul Muis, Okhna Khleang Moeung, Ho Chi Minh, Jose Rizal and so many more valiant men and women in Southeast Asia who will foster peace, friendship and unity for all.

You continue to have our highest respect and admiration.

We therefore pray that the forthcoming SEA Games in the Philippines will reflect our peoples’ common aspiration to uphold the things that unite us instead of those that divide us.

Very truly yours,

Ka Bino Guerrero

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CoCo Tea Conquers Cebu City

Tea had a very long history, and i wont belabored of telling you its story, here is a TedTalk Video of the History of Tea.

Milk Tea is relatively young, it was developed in the 80s.

There were several versions of how Milk Tea came about. but the most credible is Liu Han-Chieh of Chun Shui Tang Teahouse in Taichung. In the early 80s, he noted that Japanese people enjoyed drinking cold coffee and so he tried out the idea with tea. His cold teas were so popular that his business expanded and he opened several new branches throughout the city.

The bubbles or pearls arrived on the scene in 1988 when during a meeting Liu poured some tapioca balls into his iced teas. Everyone loved it, and so the well-loved drink was born.

Another popular theory is that Tu Tsong-he of the Hanlin Teahouse invented the drink on a whim. He used white tapioca balls which resembled pearls which is allegedly where the name originated.

Wherever it started, there’s no doubt that it took the Taiwanese tea industry by storm and forced many traditional vendors to adapt their menus to include this new and popular drink.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice comes from Taiwan, the land of milk tea, with the first CoCo store opened by Tommy Hung in Tamsui District, Taipei, in 1997. Since then, the milk-tea shop has expanded, first by opening 100 stores in Taiwan from 1997 to 2005, then branching out globally with their first overseas stores in Suzhuo, China, in 2007. Today, they have over 2,500 stores all over the world, spanning countries from Thailand, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, to the United States, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. This makes them the largest milk-tea chain in the world.

Larry Evans Tan, General Manager of CoCo, Shares how he brought Coco to the Philippines.

Responding to the clamor of its Cebuano clients, cult favorite milk tea brand CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has launched two branches in Cebu City in a matter of six months and plans are underway for a third branch soon.

“We are overwhelmed with the response of Cebuanos for CoCo. In fact, Cebu City was one of the most requested area the we have received for CoCo to be present in, and when SM Seaside opened in Cebu, we knew that this is the perfect location to build our flagship store in Cebu,” Larry Evans Tan, General Manager of CoCo , shared in a huddle with Cebu media at the CoCo SM Seaside branch.

Its branch at SM Seaside was CoCo’s flagship store in Cebu which is one of their most picturesque branches and was completed March of this year.  It has since become a favorite hangout place of many Cebuano squads and families.  The second branch which opened only last September was at Ayala Center Cebu to keep up with the demand for CoCo blends from the people of Cebu.

A third CoCo branch in Cebu is underway and might open second quarter of next year.

Tan added that the Cebu branches are the first CoCo branches in the Visayas.

“We felt that the CoCo brand and the Cebuano lifestyle are a perfect match. Cebuanos are known for their love for good food and having a fun, relaxed vibe. They also love to hang out with their friends and families and these are exactly what CoCo stands for,” Tan shared.

Just recently, CoCo was awarded the Favorite Milk Tea brand in the Philippines, a testament of its leadership in the milk tea market segment.

CoCo leads in the global tea market with a formidable 4,000 branches spread out across the world and posting an incredible sale of 100 cups per second globally.

In Metro Manila, where it has become go-to-milk tea brand, a cup of CoCo is ordered every 4 minutes via Grab Food alone.

Tan shared with the Cebu media that they are also partnered with Grab Food delivery in Cebu so that those who crave for CoCo may just order via the app to get their favorite CoCo fix.

Tan added that both CoCo Cebu branches will carry all CoCo blends that are available in Metro Manila, including the latest Chocolate Caramel Cream Slush which he described as “Waves of caramel blended with chocolate slush over velvety salty cream making it a drink that is decadent for the local palate.” Chocolate Caramel Cream Slush is a blend that’s exclusive and created for the Philippines.

The other CoCo bestsellers which have now become favorites as well of the Cebuano customers are the Panda Milk Tea, 3 Buddies, White Pearl Milk Tea and Passion Fruit Tea Burst. 

Tan is very optimistic with the future of CoCo among Filipino milk tea lovers and continues to respond to clamor for more branches nationwide. 

“We continue to explore expansion to other areas and bring CoCo closer to our customers. At the same time, we also try to come up with new flavors that we know our customers would love,” Tan said.


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Ford Philippines Brings Back Safe Driving Program In Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines, 24 October 2019 – Ford Philippines is bringing back its Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program in Cebu City with an aim to educate more drivers to become safer and more responsible while on the road.

The DSFL, now on its third year in Cebu, will be held on Friday, October 25, 2019 at the Cebu Trade Hall, 3rd Level, SM City Cebu with three (3) training sessions at 10:00am, 11:30am, and 2:00pm. Interested participants can send a text message Tuason Racing School via 0956-5644385 to reserve a slot for free.

The automotive company first brought its safe driving training program in Cebu in 2017, and since then, the DSFL has trained close to 600 private and public utility drivers, student drivers, and traffic and road management personnel. The participants learned more about the benefits of smart, safe, and fuel-efficient driving as well as the necessary driving skills to help minimize road accidents, altercations, and traffic congestion.

Bacolod DSFL

This year, Ford is looking to partner with taxi, bus and transport network vehicle services (TNVS) companies as well as with traffic management bureaus and colleges and universities within Cebu to reach more drivers and instill to them the importance of road safety – either as a driver or as part of the commuting public.

Ford is also reaching out to various call center companies to enjoin its employees as DSFL participants and train them to be road safety advocates. Ford is also tapping its customers in its dealerships and Ford car clubs in Cebu to make them part of the training audience.

Emergency Braking

DSFL participants can expect to learn more about the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving, as well as tips and techniques in driving under special conditions and vehicle handling in this year’s sessions. They will also be refreshed with road statistics and relevant regulations such as the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act.

Flagship corporate social responsibility program

A DSFL Bacolod participant’s reaction

The DSFL program is one of Ford’s biggest corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs globally, bringing to life its long-standing advocacy on road safety. A United Nations-recognized training program, the DSFL is now on its 12th year in the Philippines and has successfully trained over 23,000 Filipino drivers since 2008. Over the years, the program has made itself relevant with the changing road conditions, policies, and government regulations.

The DSFL program is a combination of classroom training that includes modules on vehicle handling, driving in special conditions, anti-distracted driving, and fuel-efficient driving, as well as a hands-on driving simulation that allows participating drivers to apply their learnings from the classroom sessions. The DSFL program is offered to participating drivers for free.

“One of our commitments at Ford is to help promote and improve road safety in the country. Our aim every year is to increase driver safety awareness with the DSFL, practicing the proper skills required of anybody who gets behind the wheel and ensuring that drivers and their passengers get to their destinations safely all the time,” shares EJ Francisco, AVP, Communications, Ford Philippines.

The DSFL has been a consistent recipient of awards in the country. Early this year, it bagged a Gold Award in the road safety category of the 3rd Driven to Serve Awards of the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists (SPMJ).

Driving Skills for Life was established in the United States in 2003 by Ford Motor Company Fund, the U.S. Governors Highway Safety Association, and a panel of safety experts, to teach newly licensed drivers the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what is learned in standard driver education programs.

For more information on Ford Driving Skills for Life, interested parties can visit Ford Philippines’ Facebook page or send an e-mail to


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Cebuanos Turns to Angkas to Beat The Traffic

Development comes with a price, and TRAFFIC is one it, as a commuter with have to bear with it as we go on with our daily grind.

The promise of a Mass Transport System for Cebu, had been held hostage by some political quarters. While the long overdue BRT or Bus Rapid System is yet to be implemented, some quarters are offering MRT, Monorails and what pqnot.

Land Transportation Office Region VII (LTO-7) has over half a million motor vehicles and motorcycles in its registry for Cebu Province as of December 2017.  In 2018, this number grew to around 800,000.

Moreover, in a recent study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the unresolved traffic congestion in Metro Cebu has resulted in at least P1.1 billion in economic losses a day.

Regardless where you are in the Social Strata, we are all affected with the Traffic Problem. Even then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Presidential convoys didn’t escaped the infamous Minglanilla Gridlock.

“Traffic is a problem that affects all social classes,” businessman and Angkas advocate Gilbert Olan stressed. “Rich and poor alike, we are all affected by the traffic problem and are all burdened by its economic and social costs,” he added.

“As a Cebuano, dili ko ganahan sa sobrahan nga katrapik sa atoang sugbu. Mao ning pirti gyud makalagot sa atoang tanan (As a Cebuano, I hate that our city is plagued by heavy traffic. It’s become increasingly frustrating for all of us),” Olan stressed. “This is exactly the reason why Angkas was born, to alleviate the commuting problems of Cebuanos,” he added.

“Angkas is an innovative and timely traffic solution that Cebuanos need and we are happy to offer this service to help commuters reach their destinations in a fast, convenient, and affordable way,” said Angeline Tham, Angkas Founder and CEO.

Tham adds that, Angkas biker-partners are strictly screened and are given thorough safety training before being allowed to service passengers. The Angkas bikers and their passengers are also entitled to insurance in every trip.

“We are all aware of how Angkas puts a premium on the safety of the passengers, the bikers, and everyone else on the road,” she noted. “And this is something that we are proud of.”

Angkas Founder and CEO Angeline Tham

In line with their effort to ensure the safety of the biker-partners and their passengers, Angkas held the very first “Angkas Safety Fiesta” in Cebu last Sunday at the Plaza Independencia, Cebu City. The 12-hour event, which started at 10 a.m., featured a safety seminar and skills training session for their biker-partners, a dental mission, free haircut and massage for the participants, and a Gymkhana tournament.

The Angkas Safety Fiesta also served as an onboarding activity for new Angkas biker-partners, with the objective of being able to service more Cebuano commuters at a time.

As an added treat for the bikers and their families, a musical concert was held featuring popular artists such as Andrew E. and Cueshe as well as upcoming acts like the D7G Girls, Jay R Siaboc, Crazy Duo Jr., and the Maka Girls. The show, which was hosted by DJ Chixie and DJ Ringo, was open to the public.

“Our over 5,000 Angkas biker-partners in Metro Cebu are more than prepared to take on the task of ferrying commuters to where they need to go,” Olan declared. “And this is just the beginning,” he added, stressing that while traffic continues to plague Metro Cebu, Angkas will continue to help Cebuanos by not only providing an efficient transport option, but also providing a decent means of livelihood for motorcycle owners.

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LGU-PRIVATE SECTOR PARTNERSHIP: Technology solutions corporation 888 Tech Exchange, Inc.was recently recognized for its donation of solar streetlights to the City of Mandaue. At the 50thMandaueCity Charter Day observance, Mayor Jonas Cortes (center) acknowledged the company represented by its President Florendo Nograles (right) and Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Merla.

International powerhouse solutions company 888 Tech ExchangeVentures, Inc. recently donated solar streetlamps to the City of Mandaue. The donation was acknowledged by Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes at the city’s recent 50thCharter Day Anniversary.

Cortes formally conveyed the local government’s gratitude to Florendo Nograles and Mike Merla, 888 Tech Exchange President and Sales Manager, respectively.

With a total of 160 watts, the streetlamps will be used to illuminate a part of P. Gomez St. Installation of these lights will bring abut some savings in electric power costs for the local government. In Cebu, 888 Tech Exchange has installed solar streetlamps at Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa and Pulchra Resort in San Fernando.

Solar energy has become popular in recent years due, not only on its innate advantage as a renewable power source, but also on its potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

888 Tech Exchange Ventures, Inc. is one of the Philippines’s top Solar PV System Integrators with nine years of experience in system installation. Italso leads in distribution and installation of cybersecurity equipment, wireless battery monitoring systems and numerous industrial brands from Asia, the USA, Europe and Australia. It has expanded its business to Australia and Hongkong as well.

Thedonation to the City of Mandaue is part of 888 Tech’s community partnership initiatives. The company also sustains similar initiatives with other partner government units, private organizations and non-profitinstitutions.


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Salarium: A Fully-Automated Payroll System Arrives in Cebu.

Karl Panahon, Judah Hirsch of Salariun with TechSurge’s Finance Officer Donna Campogan

Cebu City. Salarium Founder and Cebu Judah Hirsch in a Businness Round Table at Seda Ayala Center, last June 18, 2019 introduce a new way of doing Payroll.

” …the fear of automation can be easily solved by reskilling employees”


Reskilling is an initiative in which employees learn new skills to improve their capabilities and enhance their current professional track. For Filipino companies, this could be the difference between building more efficient and innovative operations and being left behind with the times.

“Reskilling works to everyone’s advantage. For the company, it means enhancing the current and trusted workforce you have by taking away automatable tasks and letting them focus on their true expertise and on newly developed skills… For the employees, not only do they get to learn more skills, they will become even more competent and competitive as professionals.”


Salarium is a COMPLETE payroll solutions, they a a fully integrated hardware and software system, the reduce a two-day payroll processing into just hours, now that’s efficiency brought about by Salaruim.

And since this is all done in the cloud, the payroll maker, need now be physically in the office to process the salary.

Salarium also has this VISA powered Union Bank issued SalPay, to be issued to all employee. No more hasle on your employees to open a bank account and that tedious process of bank transfers. With Salarium, one click of the paymaster, funds are automatically credited to employees’ SalPay.

With SalPay, your employees can enjoy E-Banking, Bills Payment, Easy Cash Out thru ATMs, Free Unlimeted Withdrawals among others.

Salary Comes Along way, from it’s Roman’s root, where soldier of the Roman empire were paid Salt for the services they render, thus Salary came about. To that long yellow collumnar pad, then to semi autometed to how Fully Automated Payroll Solution.

Oh did i mentioned Salarium also has its own biometrics machine, Yes you can either integrate you own biometrics machine or let Salarium give you the whole caboodle.

To know more about Salarium check their website


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Palm Grass Hotel host a Multi-National Art exhibit

Cebu City, Philippines. Palm Grass The Heritage Hotel is hosting a month long exhibit dubbed as Kita-Kita sa Palm Grass. It will run from July 8 up to August 8, 2019.

This is a satellite exhibition of the ongoing 3rd Kita International Art Exchange, featuring artworks from Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Reunion Island and the US.

The Palm Grass Hotel is located along Junquerra St., in Downtown Cebu City.

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