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Visita Iglesia



Lapulapu City, 6015 Cebu
Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
3 Carmelite Monastery
   Cebu City
Archbishop’s Residence Compound, D. Jakosalem St., 6000 Cebu City
5  Basilica Del Sto. Nino

6 Metropolitan Cebu Cathedral

7 Chapel of the Relics
Tabor Hills, Talamban.
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A biker-tourist, after touring(on mountain bike) the Islands of Bohol,Siquijor, Negros Oriental and Cebu, handed me his bike as my tip.


WE PROPOSE to put up bicycle lanes in Cebu City roads for the safety of bikers, cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians.

WE BELIEVE that the bikers, skateboarders, pedestrians and cyclists also deserve respect and equal rights to share the road with other vehicle drivers.

WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that space on the road should be allocated by number of passengers, not just size of vehicles: one person riding a bike should be given the same amount of space as one person riding an SUV.

WE STAND FOR the notion that through bicycles, we can reduce the carbon emissions of vehicles thus, reducing our contribution to climate change.

WE STRONGLY URGE the law makers to start identifying bike lane areas and encourage business establishments to put up bike racks.

WE REPRESENT a multi-sectoral citizenry composed of different environment advocacy organizations and private individuals who want to make a significant change, not just on the mindset of the people but also to the environment. We would like to set an example that together we can make a sustainable, livable and habitable Cebu City.

Why bike?

We bike because we care – for our well-being, for other people’s health and safety, for personal and national economic independence, for the preservation of our human-scale city, and for the ecological wellness of planet Earth. As a human-powered vehicle, the bicycle is an exercise equipment, a noiseless moneysaving machine that is highly maneuverable, runs on non-lethal speed and does not require much space to move in. If you bike to and from work everyday, then you will be exercising while commuting, trimming your waistline to a healthy measure and cutting your daily transportation expenses. You will be saving time, money and yourself from diseases associated with a sedentary and passive lifestyle. If most Cebuanos would bike to and from work, then there will be no need for road widening, for demolitions of commercial and residential buildings, for relocations of entire communities, and for capital outlays from the local government to finance traffic infrastructure projects. City Hall will save its revenue for other important expenditures – such as support programs for former-tricycle-turned-pedicab-drivers. The city’s familiarity, human-scale and heritage landmarks will be conserved. If most Filipinos would bike to and from work, then the nation’s dependency on imported oil, car and motorcycle spare parts will be reduced. The nation’s balance of trade will become favorable, and the government’s addiction to foreign loans can be curbed. We can then pay our foreign debts because of the accumulated dollar reserves, and eventually attain economic sovereignty. Because those who can afford cars refrain from owning one, their savings will help generate capital for investments that can pumpprime the economy. The long awaited economic take-off can then begin. If most people on the planet would bike to and from work, then the global emission of greenhouse gases will drop significantly. Global warming will be prevented from reaching a critical peak of irreversibility, and the catastrophic scenario of melting icecaps, rising ocean levels, and unprecedented weather disasters will be forestalled. We will then be saving the world we know for ourselves and for the next generations.

Excerpts from the Concept Paper of the group Bisekleta para sa Ikaayong lawas, Kinaiyahan, Ekonomiya, ug Repormang Sosyal (BIKERS) of Surigao City. Written on September 16, 2007by Judel Paredes, the group’s founder.

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Northern Exposure

I have always been dreaming of going to Ilocos, the birthplace of my grandfather.

My grandfather(back) Helarion Raval Guerrero with a friend(front)

The dream started in my childhood, as I listen to the stories of my grandpa, how he had been a student of Don Mariano Marcos, the father of Ferdinand Marcos, and many other stories.

Tata G, a we fondly called him, did not have much stories of how great a tourism destination Ilocos is. I won’t fault him he left Ilocandia in is youth, and live on to be a Centenarian, 100 years and 13 days to be exact, in my home Island of Negros. Some Ilocano guest who have a chance to chat with Tata would say that his Ilocano is rustic.

I could remember that i had cry a river when Aunte Vicky brought my sister Gina, in her regular trips to Manila, the crying got worse when somebody told me, that their trip would not end in Manila but it would go as far a Ilocos.

I was only pacified when somebody would bring me to Ilocos, then the day dreaming started. I dream of taking the boat, yes you read it right Boat, for airfare during those days was literally Sky High.

That promised did not ever fulfilled.


Now i got the chance to finally GO HOME to ILOCANDIA for the very first time. It all started with a simple question. While i was conducting a tour, Madam Margot Osmena asked me “what can you say about Vigan?” i replied “Honestly Madam i never been there”.  She responded “Really?.. Ok I will send you to Vigan”

Now my Journey Home to Ilocandia had Vigan(begun)…


I already have plane ticket to Manila, where i will meet a cousin that would accompany me to Ilocos. We will take the Sleeper Bus, its a bus with bed instead of seat, and sleep our way to Ilocandia for 6 hours.


Gonna post a journal of my Home Coming soon..


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mARTching thoughts<<<

Stepping on the glamorous red carpet of Art Dubai is no longer a one-of-a-kind feeling for me, especially since i have walked on it for four years. Though this is one of the events that i look forward to every year, still at the end of the day – after i gazed all the art works, Art Dubai remains an incomplete exhibition for me. Well that simply goes by asking, “is that all they got?”.

Surprisingly Art Dubai seemed to have heard my silent entreaty and started to embrace Contemporary Art in broader parameter. The sixth edition brought together 75 galleries from 32 countries plus other commissioned projects and workshops. But out of all these additions, the performative tour entitled Livin’ La Vida Imelda pinned me with an extreme awe.

Loving the news I ran to the lobby and looked for a certain Carlos Celdran mentioned in the newspaper. I honestly don’t know the man but…

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Meet your guide – Ka Bino

By Maria Eleanor E. Valeros (The Freeman)


CEBU, Philippines – He never imagined making a living out of tour guiding. However, the universe has a seemingly magical way of leading this Tanjay native, Continue Reading

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The heritage interpreter

By Fiona Patricia S. Escandor

IT ALMOST looked like as if it was a scene straight from the past.

Against the historic walls of Museo Sugbo, his native-type bowler hat and his Barong tagalog looked perfectly in place. But wait, long socks and Velcro sandals?

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Floyd Mayweather using Black Magic on Pacman??


Habang natutulog, may bumulong daw kay Pacquiao na tigilan na ang pagbo-boksing. Suspetya ng marami, maaaring pakana ito ng isang bayarang mangkukulam na kinontrata ni Floyd Mayweather. Mukhang ayaw kasi ng Amerikanong boksingero na makatunggali si Pacman at natatakot na magalusan ang mala-sutla niyang kutis.


Sabi ng ilang obispo, si Pacman ay isang makabagong santo. Kung mga gintong aral mula sa Bibliya ang laging nasa dila niya, wag naman daw agad husgahan na may tililing siya. Marami raw sa mga naging santo ay medyo kakaiba ang kilos at pag-iisip – tulad ni St. Francis of Assisi na kinakausap ang mga hayop.


Totoo ang tsismis: handa na si MVP na subukang paslangin ang isang channel ng pamilyang Lopez – ang ANC. Bago mag-Pasko, bubuksan na ng TV5 ang kanilang “all-news channel”.

Masayang lipatan na naman. Ngayon nga sa TV5, ang laging pinag-uusapan ay hindi kung gaano kataas ang “rating”…

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Of course most of us remember Hachiko, that Japanese Akita Dog who became famous  for waiting on the same spot at the Sibuya Station to meet his master daily for a year or so, then master died, but Hachiko keep on going to the station for nine years, hoping to meet his master again.

Hachiko became a symbol of loyalty that in Japan they have an annual celebration every 8th of April.

Several films, books, novels  spin off from this exceptional story of Loyalty.

The latest of which is the 2009 film Hachi: A Dog’s tale, with Richard Gere playing the dog’s Master.

It’s a very beautiful story, that i remember wiping my eyes while watching it.

Dogs are indeed  Man’s Best Friend.

And to you Hachiko 非常に忠誠心」が意味するものは教育のためにありがとうございます。

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We are searching for (4) males and (4) females to play lead in the upcoming stage production of BERDE. The said production will be stage in August 2012. The play is a fusion of film and theater.

Same sex relationships in this predominantly Christian nation are despised even today. Those who are seeking blessings for same-gender marriages only end up being hurt all the more by public scrutiny. And that love—yes love that knows no bounds—is tagged as malady, and them lovers as fornicators. This is the premise of BERDE, a stage production about homosexuality and family. Edwin and Butch are two seemingly different people but almost of the same situation, where insecurity and loneliness isolates them from the “normal” world. On the course of the revelation of each scene, one will be moved to the obvious which is not the uniqueness of the relationship but the truthfulness of the situation of the Filipino family and Filipino community in general. The play will tackle diversity, family relationships, and hope.


Edwin Ocampo – male, homosexual
Butch Gavino – male, homosexual
Mrs. Charo Ocampo – female, mother of Edwin
Mr. Arman Ocampo – male, father of Edwin
Mrs. Nora Gavino – female, mother of Butch
Mr. Julius Gavino – male, father of Butch

Auditions will be on March 31, 2012.
The audition will consist of a cold reading from the script.

-Age: 20 -30 years old (m/f)
-Height: 5’4 (f), 5’5 (m)
-Willing to play homosexual role (for males).
-Willing to attend and commit to training and rehearsals every week.
-Can converse well in English and Filipino
-Has great personality and passionate about acting and performing.
– Theater/acting experience is not necessary.

If interested, get your priority number and audition time slot through 0933.9991.241 (Rachel)
Each will be given ample time to audition and show their acting skills. You need not wait in line, just secure your audition time slot. You need not bring a picture or prepare an audition piece. Just come, be open, be prepared, and be enthusiastic!

Theater and Acting are very addictive and fulfilling. We hope that you be a part of this “addiction”…


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Out of Cebu

I came to know Cecilia Manguerra Brainard through my constant reading on just about anything on Cebu. Baby Brainard as social historian and friend Gavin Bagares would called her. I finally meet her when she hosted a dinner for Dr. Mike Cullinane, an expert in Cebuano History, back then i was the walking partner/ research assistant to the Amrican professor, in short i was the + 1 of Dr, Mike.

We had a sumptuous meal for our tummy and intellectual chit chat for our heads.

I was invited by Professor Jojo Bersales Of San Carlos University Press for the Book Launch at the Casino Espanol.


I was the first one to arrived in Casino Espanol, the tour guide in me. Then the place slowly filled up with Cebu’s High Society, the Osmenas, the Cuencos, the Escanos, the Villalons, the Chiong-Velosos, the Leysons and many more.

A select few did an excerpt reading of the book.


Then of course i got a signed copy.


I actually got two copies for i intend to donate the 2nd copy to the Library of Cebu Association of Tour Guides(CAT-G), for i find the book a must-read for Cebu’s Tour Guide.

And for all those who love Cebu, grab a copy now.

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