Cebu Cultural Center Finally Open

For decades, passing by UP Lahug, one could not miss that mammoth just across that naked man.

Last night the sleeping giant wakes up, with a well attended Gala night of Alain Boublil’s adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Cebu’s whos who dress up for the night.

Seen some friends, Honorary Consul of Spain Don Jaime Picornel who assured me that its a well sung production. The pretty Mayor of Aloguinsan Cynthia Moreno with her adorable daughter. Ricky Balesteros and Dolly Suzara of Sinolog Foundation, Hope Yu of Cebuano Studies Center, Conservation Architect Melva Hava, Cebu’s Master Realist Jun Impas, Cebu Vice-Governor Agnes Magpale, philanthropist Mariqueta Yeung, the Matron of Cebu’s Performing Arts Dellia Villacastin who ask to borrow my bowler cap for her Rizal play, Radio legend Esteban Escodero of simple Noy Teban, the gorgeous Jude Escario, Cebu tourism pillar Alice Queblatin, Blogger and friend Ruben Lacera.

Of course there were more but only the above mentioned names exchange pleasantry with me.

I got the privilege to be in the show, for i was the tour guide of the Singaporean Delegates of the Creative Cebu Convention.

The front acts of the show was the Asian Troubadours with FB friend Wilson Ng on the Keyboard. Zenith Rivera serenade the crowd with Broadway’s Medley. Mandaue Children Choir with their angelic voices.

The Curtain opens, Cast was great, they act well they sing superb BUT the acoustics FAILED MISERABLY. There were time that you could hear what should not be heard, like the heavy breathing of one actor back stage, the voice of the crew moving the set behind the curtain.

Their were four or so microphone hung up above the performers, if those mics performs i did not noticed.

Some of the performer had to carry a wireless microphones so they can be heard. Pity little Cosette had sweep the Cafe holding a broom and a wireless mic, and i could hear the handle of the broom rubbing against hers dress.

Some of the line were missed out, lucky for me to have a good hearing, and sat close to the stage.

Luckily most of the audience were very forgiving, half of them stayed on until curtain call.

After several scene, i waited for a favorable blackout for me to leave my seat. Went to the lobby to join the other 3 tour guides who left their seats way ahead of me. By the ticket booth i saw two Caucasian Ladies presumably American who were complaining, that they could not hear the performance, i was not sure if they demanded a refund.

The bottom line The Performance was good, the Sound system Sucks.


Why the Cebu Cultural Center have to open with Le Miserables?

Why not a Cebuano Original?


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One thought on “Cebu Cultural Center Finally Open

  1. alierawr

    “Why the Cebu Cultural Center have to open with Le Miserables? Why not a Cebuano Original?” Totally agree!

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