Out of Cebu

I came to know Cecilia Manguerra Brainard through my constant reading on just about anything on Cebu. Baby Brainard as social historian and friend Gavin Bagares would called her. I finally meet her when she hosted a dinner for Dr. Mike Cullinane, an expert in Cebuano History, back then i was the walking partner/ research assistant to the Amrican professor, in short i was the + 1 of Dr, Mike.

We had a sumptuous meal for our tummy and intellectual chit chat for our heads.

I was invited by Professor Jojo Bersales Of San Carlos University Press for the Book Launch at the Casino Espanol.


I was the first one to arrived in Casino Espanol, the tour guide in me. Then the place slowly filled up with Cebu’s High Society, the Osmenas, the Cuencos, the Escanos, the Villalons, the Chiong-Velosos, the Leysons and many more.

A select few did an excerpt reading of the book.


Then of course i got a signed copy.


I actually got two copies for i intend to donate the 2nd copy to the Library of Cebu Association of Tour Guides(CAT-G), for i find the book a must-read for Cebu’s Tour Guide.

And for all those who love Cebu, grab a copy now.

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