Northern Exposure

I have always been dreaming of going to Ilocos, the birthplace of my grandfather.

My grandfather(back) Helarion Raval Guerrero with a friend(front)

The dream started in my childhood, as I listen to the stories of my grandpa, how he had been a student of Don Mariano Marcos, the father of Ferdinand Marcos, and many other stories.

Tata G, a we fondly called him, did not have much stories of how great a tourism destination Ilocos is. I won’t fault him he left Ilocandia in is youth, and live on to be a Centenarian, 100 years and 13 days to be exact, in my home Island of Negros. Some Ilocano guest who have a chance to chat with Tata would say that his Ilocano is rustic.

I could remember that i had cry a river when Aunte Vicky brought my sister Gina, in her regular trips to Manila, the crying got worse when somebody told me, that their trip would not end in Manila but it would go as far a Ilocos.

I was only pacified when somebody would bring me to Ilocos, then the day dreaming started. I dream of taking the boat, yes you read it right Boat, for airfare during those days was literally Sky High.

That promised did not ever fulfilled.


Now i got the chance to finally GO HOME to ILOCANDIA for the very first time. It all started with a simple question. While i was conducting a tour, Madam Margot Osmena asked me “what can you say about Vigan?” i replied “Honestly Madam i never been there”.  She responded “Really?.. Ok I will send you to Vigan”

Now my Journey Home to Ilocandia had Vigan(begun)…


I already have plane ticket to Manila, where i will meet a cousin that would accompany me to Ilocos. We will take the Sleeper Bus, its a bus with bed instead of seat, and sleep our way to Ilocandia for 6 hours.


Gonna post a journal of my Home Coming soon..


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3 thoughts on “Northern Exposure

  1. Rosemarie

    Don’t you want to travel during the day sometime, so you can see Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan LaUnion, and Ilocos Sur on the way?
    Have fun, primo.

    • kabino

      Will see Prima, Maybe on my way Back to Manila.. If my budget would allow me, i wanna hoop one town after the other, to see all.. kaso lang medyo gipit sa time and budget. If not for Madam Margot Osmena, this trip could have been later..

  2. Sr. Precy Nosotros Rabal, MSC

    have a nice trip ahead ka bino… malipayon ako para sa imoha… ako man pud nagadamgo lang anay nga makalapak sa Ilocos ug makilal-an ang mga kaparyentehan nato… pero maabot na lang nian sa future a.. hoping nga dili gid kalayo para makaabot sa 3rd generation…. kudus!!!!

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