Sometimes Editors are good in Editing, not in Research

The Editorial of the Freeman Today April 3 2012, is simply out of touch and ill research piece.

The group of bikers which the editorial branded as “biking enthusiast”  where actually a representative group of several biking sector.

The sector represented where, bike-to-work, vintage bike owners, bike-tourism, and will bike enthusiast.

The writer did not bother to look at the fact that Marikina City, had a Bike line even during the time of Mayor Bayani Fernando. Dubbed as the biking capital of the Philippines, Marina has a total  of 52 kilometers bike lines built in 2003 through a $1.3 million World Bank grant.

We are not disappointed with the government inaction, we are working with the government for its implementation.

Biking for us is not just for fun, we do it for various reasons.

Bike Tourism is a big thing world wide, case in point a group of 15 to 17 Swiss bikers would come almost every quarter to Central Visayas to go on tour on their Bikes. This bike adventure tour is operated by a Switzerland based company Bikereisen.

And say if  go to the Trans-Central High, from my rented room in Urgello how on earth can i go to Busay with out passing the City Streets

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