Illuminated by NOKIA Lumia

The first Phone I ever had was a Nokia 2010


Nobody dared to teased me for the fear of my phone landing on them. Its a hand-me-down unit which i got from my cousin. It lasted with me for years, i got a little problem with its 2 line lcd screen  when my friends were already using 4 lines lcd screen sending me those  graphic SMS.

Then i went hopping from one mobile unit to another, and for fear of boring my readers i wont enumerate all my mobile phone.

Right now i have a LG Optimus Me which comes free from my Sun Postpaid line,     the choice of LG was due to my previous phone which is LG KM555.

I also have a Blackberry Curve which i used primarily for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare among others.

Dharmesh Goshalia General Manager, Head of Sales Nokia Philippines.

Yesterday, I found a smartphone of my dream, the Nokia Lumia Series.

The Functionality matches my lifestyle..

Being a Tour Guide i am always on the go, and admittedly i have a very bad sense of direction, luckily i am a very good in map reading.

The Nokia Drive which is available in all the of the Lumia phones, is tool that i need to guide me around, and would save me those awkward moment when the guest or tourist would ask me where we are.

Nokia Drive works even when your offline, for the map resides in the unit and not it the cloud.

I am also into Photography, the Lumia 900 and Lumia 800 have  the superior optics technology of   Carl Zeiss. It can take amazing picture, and   can upload it to Facebook in instant.

With the these features am already convince that Lumia is going to be my next Smartphone.

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