Paaway sa Kabayo is more of a Lover’s Quarrel….

CEBU CITY.July 24, 2012

As the Activities in my hometown shifted to high gear, here I am Cebu City, reading feeds from Facebook and Twitter posted by my friends in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, downed by Cough and Cold and on-set Flu.

Normally  by this time am already in Tanjay, hooping from one relative’s house to the other’s savoring all time fiesta favorites and off course the best Budbud in the whole Universe.

And like any other Tanjayanon we look forward with high anticipation for the PAAWAY SA KABAYO.

Yes you read it right, Horse Fight..

But don’t get me wrong, Horse Fight is more of a “Lover’s Spat”, unlike the Cock or Dog Fight where  participant get killed or hurt really bad.


In Paaway sa Kabayo, its Love Triangle.


The Paaway sa Kabayo would start with a mare brought in to the arena, and let the stallion do his thing onto the mare.


Then the other stallion will be given its time with the mare.




With Estrogen and Testosterone heightens thus jealousy kicks in, thus the FIGHT for LOVE commence.




Show of


And a lot of running



Nope he is not dead, he is just tired..


and of course his master is always there to console him

Back then, the fight is held in an open field either the oval of Tanjay Central School or East Negros Institute, there were no barrier between the spectators and raging stallions. This give the spectators a piece of the action, trying to evade the fury of the horses.

These days an arena is set, made of steel, that act as  barrier, that made some disappointment to some daredevil.

While a time limit and point system  is implemented, but in the old times its fight to submission.

Some People May Call it Barbaric

I Say “Go Ahead a Call Me Barbarian” for its My Culture and My Heritage..

For More Picture Click here

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7 thoughts on “Paaway sa Kabayo is more of a Lover’s Quarrel….

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  3. Its ironic that during this event i was standing beside a foreigner who keep whining about it, that its inhumane.

    its barbaric to some, but for its a heritage… Tanjay City fiesta wont be complete without the Paaway sa Kabayo and Horse Show… however i lose 1k pesos as bet that day… oh well till next year…

  4. Claude Robert

    I will be in the Philippines next January and February,could you please tell me if and where and when there will be horse fighting during this period.
    Thank you! Claude Robert, Montreal Canada

    • Mark

      Claude – did you ever go there and were you able to see a match?

      • kabino

        It my hometown.. I been a spectators since I am very young kid.. the field where the horses used to fight is just at the neighborhood of my grand’ house

  5. Mark

    I could not agree with you more! The horses do this in nature, and with this, there are people to make sure it doesn’t go too far. I would love to attend one of these sometime.

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