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Globe gives you the power to choose your own promo


Feb 19 2013

Globe Telecom unveils its latest promo with a twist, in a funfair filled program at the Radison Blu, Cebu City.

First-ever prepaid promo available on mobile, Globe website and Facebook.

Unlike any other promo the Globe Prepaid GoSakto empowers the subscriber to choose the promo that fits their needs, budget and lifestyle.

With GoSakto customers have the flexibility to tailor-fit their prepaid promo based on what they need for the day, week, or month.

To enjoy their GoSakto promo subscribers first choose what type of promo to avail: call/text/surf, call and text, call and surf, text and surf, or a combination of all.

After choosing their promo, GoSakto further personalize the experience by letting them select the type and number of callas and text they need. Type of call/text can be within the Globe/TM network or all network, while number can be bulk or unlimited.

Finally, prepaid subscribers get to pick the validity of the calls, texts and surfing sevices they availed, fro 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 30 days.

And to top it all a subscribers can name the promo they made.

To explain further here is Xian

So what are you waiting for, go create your own GoSakto Promo via 3 easy way;

Via  Mobile  Dial *143# and follow the instruction

Via website  Logon to

Via Facebook

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