YES.. Frog is food..

Traveling expose me to different culture, and one of big aspect of culture  is food. One can’t fully fathom the culture of a place without studying its cuisine.

My recent trip, brought me to Ilocandia, to attend the 4th National Tour Guides Convention in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

Since my roots is from there, i went ahead of schedule to find time to visit my relatives from my fraternal grandfather side of the family tree.

I arrived very early from an overnight bus ride from Manila, that upon arrival i asked for a bed to take a nap.

After a good two hours nap, i took a bath, a very refreshing and energizing one.

There were people in the drive way of my cousin’s house, I went out to see what there up to. There i saw my Aunt, my cousin and a lady with her kid busy doing something.

Went closer to se what she was doing;



Yes she’s skinning the frogs.


As they call it “palakang bukid” or farm frogs. Surprisingly it has white meat.


And a bit pricy too.. at 5.00 a piece.

I went for a walk, but the image of the frog being skinned keep playing in my mind. I went back just in time my cousin was prepping for dinner.



We had frog adobo and frog tinola.


My cousin said she did not cook any other dish so i will be forced to eat the dish on the table.

My brain is killing me, and all of them were making fun of me..

Then I give the frog my first bite, and it does taste like chicken, and the Ilocano way of cooking made it “Masarap”.

And from then on it give me another perspective of this creature.

And you don’t have to take my for it.. you have to try it yourself…


Frog anyone?

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