Mayor Paz Corro Radaza Inaugural


Hon. Mayor Paz C. Radaza

Inaugural Address

Lapu-Lapu City session hall

July 3, 2013


Honorable Congresswoman Aileen Radaza

Honorable Vice-Mayor Marcial Ycong

Honorable Members of the City Council

Barangay Officials

Department Heads

Fellow workers in government

Distinguished guests

My beloved Oponganons


In this hallowed halls, three years and two days ago, I unveiled my five point action plan as the first woman mayor in the history of our city.

I was so eager to give something if not everything. I know Oponganons deserve no less.


Who would have thought that the first term could end that fast…that here we are, so anxious to look back and see how your mayor is doing…how I was doing.


I ventured to do something for education.


We have reduced our city’s classroom shortage by 30 percent at the end of my first term.


The city college enrolment has increased by over 200 percent.

We have put-up day care centers in the different barangays and two of them, even have a five-star rating.


I focused on attending to the overall well-being of every Oponganon.


We have consistently been a recipient of the outstanding city nutrition award in Central Visayas, given by the nutrition council.


We are the only LGU in region 7 to get an A rating from the DOH for providing excellent health care service to our constituents.


The salaries of our government workers have increased.


We have provided jobs and livelihood to our people by strengthening our tourism and cooperatives.


In my first term in office, we became a haven for investments.


Proof of this is the 20 billion peso investment of Megaworld.


Another 20 billion pesos will be poured in by an investor of a 400 hectare reclamation project from barangays Ibo to Mactan.


The premier real estate developer, Ayala Corporation has announced that it will develop a 12 hectare property across Mactan Shangri-la Resort and Spa.

My desire for calibrated development has resulted in the creation of over 80 thousand jobs in the next five to ten years.


To keep pace with progress and development, we have undertaken roadworks in key arteries in the city.


We have opened the Pakpakan road to decongest traffic from Mactan Doctors to Grand Mall.


We constructed a parallel drainage in Basak to ease flooding in the area.


I have also created Task Force Kalikasan to protect and preserve Mother Earth.

My humane-driven governance style made us organize the Mahuyang Alang sa Kalambuan or (MASK) to provide them with the skills to improve their living standards.


We created a Disabled Persons Welfare Program to attend to the needs of the persons with disability.


We constructed a Home Care Center for females and attended to the needs of the senior citizens.


Ladies and gentlemen, these are a handful realization to my five point action plan.


It will take me an hour to narrate everything that we have accomplished.

So I will deliver the rest in my state of the city address in August.


At exactly 12 noon of June 30, 2013 my second term began.


I have no qualms telling you that it will be much more difficult.


I will be measured on the promises I made and delivered on my first term in office.


I will also be measured on the promises I made but fell short.


The bar in fact has been raised higher.


I have to work doubly hard.

And this my fellow Oponganons make my second term far more challenging than the first one.


Immediately after you gave me a fresh mandate, I buckled down to work.


I have seen to it that I start my second term with my running shoes on.


There is just so much work to do.


A few weeks ago, we rolled out an activity to create a brand so that we can market the city to investors and tourists.


We are almost there.

But this will require us to live up to the brand promise of how the city is going to present itself.


Within the month I will appoint a city beautification czar.


This person will come from the private sector and will spearhead the beautification projects that the city needs to attain the brand promise.


In 2015 the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or (APEC) will be held in the country.


And Cebu which includes our city is bidding to host the main event.

At the very least we expect to host some of the many ministerial meetings.


We must work on it now. We have to show them that Lapu-Lapu City is ready for the world.


While we have substantially reduced our classroom shortage in my first term, I want to further reduce it by 50 percent in the next three years.


I would like to reiterate my call to the Dep-ed officials to reach out to prominent families, kind souls as well as business owners who might want to donate a classroom or two.


Tap their generosity.

I would also like to encourage our teachers to inform your students that Mactan Cebu International Airport or (MCIAA) owes the city 1.5 billion pesos in taxes.


Money that could have been used in building more classrooms.


We already won the legal battle in the Court of Appeals.


Aside from the city’s continued effort to collect, the students personal letters might soften the hearts of the MCIAA  board of directors to settle their obligation instead of pursuing the fight in the Supreme Court.


With the increase in the number of housing projects, comes the rise in population and the garbage problem as well.

I will be creating a task force to see to it that the frequency and efficiency in the collection are addressed.


In my first term, I focused on the needs of the women sector.


While I will continue to serve them, I will now also give more attention to the youth.


I have approved the construction of an international standard skate park that will be located at the back of the Hoopsdome.


This will enhance our sports tourism program and will keep the youth away from drugs and other vices.


At the close of my first term, we launched a handful of ecotourism initiatives.

I will fast track the rollout of these programs so that its impact to the community will be felt when the people’s way of living is improved.


It will also give the city a higher degree of competitiveness.


Generation of jobs will still be a top priority.


I would like to invite the business sector to have a chamber of commerce that will work hand in hand, although not necessarily subservient, with my administration.


Let us not allow anybody to destroy this public-private partnership because of greed or personal interest.


There is so much at stake since the city is experiencing hyperactive economic growth.


With your help, we can ensure that we will sustain the progress and development that our beloved city is experiencing.


We will continue to work on the peace and order for this is a requisite to lure investors to come to our city.


I will create a task force that will coordinate with the barangay officials to see to it that we have well lighted streets to lessen criminals operating in darkness.

We will continue to deliver efficient health services by ensuring that medicines will be at all times available in our public hospital, city jail, home care and in the 39 health centers.


During the campaign, I promised that if elected together with the entire slate, I will push for the passage of an ordinance that will give every centenarian 100 thousand pesos in cash every year from then on…plus one thousand pesos times the number of years thereafter.


Today, I call on the honorable members of the city council through the leadership of the vice mayor to pass such ordinance.

I know how our Oponganons is calling on the city government to restore cleanliness in our public market.


I will create a task force that will institutionalize the sanitation of our market and this will be a concerted effort of the offices of the City Administrator, City Traffic Management System, Engineering, Clean and Green, Market Administration and the Solid Waste Management.


I will pour all my energy on working for the realization of your dreams.


So that there will be no more dilapidated roads.


No traffic congestion.


No dark city streets.


No dirty public market.


Then we will also create successful programs to eradicate the menace of illegal drugs.


I call on all government workers, my fellow public servants let us do this together.


Our people demand only quality service and they want it right now, not tomorrow.

We owe it to them…that we can fulfill their  dreams for Lapu-Lapu City.


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