Where have all the theaters gone


Colon. Is not just the oldest street in the Philippines, it also the moviehouse belt of Cebu.

In the 80s, when I for the 1st time see Colon I was amazed by the number of theaters in such a small area. Having been born in a town with only two movie houses.

I could vividly remember how i was scared to death watching Indiana Jones at UltraVistarama, with its superb soround system, that when Harison Ford was chased by that big round stone, the theater was shaking.

And who could miss that iconic Vision Theater. That when it opened with all those naked person in its facade. That prompted the people behind relegious procession to change route so as not to be scandalize.


Sadly the glory days of theaters in Colon has come to face its final curtain.

No news theater has been built in tha past two decades.. except for the now close(i hope its not permanent) 3 theaters of Elizabeth Mall.

Cinerama who lately showed only b-movies giveway and now its a grocery..

The iconic Vision is a heaven of pirated Dvd which is one of the cause of the slow and painfull death of moviehouse industry.

Oriente which waa then Theatro Junquera the very first theater in Cebu is now close for renovation.


UltraVistarama and Eden theaters shows only Gay Indie films and its patron are not realy for the flick but for the fun they do under the cover of darkness the moviehouse provide.


So where have all the theaters gone…

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