Ka Bino Computer for School Project.


Atty. Jane Paredes, VisMin Head of Smart Communications Public Affairs, Ms Jesica Reyes, Principal San Jose Elementary School, San Jose, Tanjay City and Ka Bino

San Jose Elementary School had always been close to my heart. This is the very school I first went, during my time pre-school was not necessary.  I was six when my parents allow me to attend grade one, in which the teacher happens to be my aunt. Since I was underage I was taken as visitor. I did all school works as other classmates does but that is only true in the morning for after lunch I would go to one corner of the classroom and take my afternoon nap while the rest continued with school works.
This same school became my pooling place when I came to voting age.

And this same school was our session hall during my SK days.

Until now, every Election I go back to the same school to exercise suffrage and guard votes.

Last mid-term election I saw big development of the school, a brandnew 6 classroom 2 storey building was donated by Doña Maria Luisa Mendieta y Aboitez dominates the campus.

I ask the principal,  who is married to a distant relative of mine, “what else the School needs”
“We need computers, Please give us even just one unit of PC. Our teacher would just skip the lesson of computer even if its part of the curriculum, for we can’t show our pupils a computer simple because we have none.” narrated Ms. Jesica Reyes, the school’s principal.

I replied “I can personally donate buy it would take time for I still have to save for it. But I have friends, I will try my best to asked for help.”

It did not take long, a friend who works for Smart Communications Public Affairs informed me that they have computers in thier warehouse, and required the school principal to write a letter to Mr. Mon Isberto.

And it did not take long the PCs where shipped to Cebu.

The “Series of Unfortunate Events” that hits Visayas and me personally some what delayed the turn-over.

But the long wait is over and kids of San Jose Elementary School would have an early Christmas gift from Smart Communications.

A 6 units brandnew  Acer PC with MS Windows 7 license to be used it the yet to be established Computer Room.

The sugar farm kids will no longer be left behind by thier city counterparts,  they will now have access to computers and hopefully somebody would sponsor Internet Connections so they surf the information superhighway.

The Ka Bino Computer for School project acts as bridge to School in the countryside and donors.

A big thanks to Smart Communications, Truly Smart Cares.

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One thought on “Ka Bino Computer for School Project.

  1. Sr. Precy Nosotros Rabal, MSC

    daghang salamat intawon kanimo kay at least nian may computer na man ang mga kabataan sa San Jose E. S. Mabuhay ang imong effort Ka Bino. Pasagdan ka sa Ginoo nga madamo pa ang imong mabuligan…

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