Battle of Mactan’s fight against the elements.

Battle of Mactan by Primo Cuizon Pino

Battle of Mactan by Primo Cuizon Pino


All of you who had been to the Liberty Shrine or more popularly called the Mactan Shrine, must have a picture or two with above painting in the background.

It’s Primo Cuizon Pino interpretation of the Battle of Mactan,  except for Lapulapu face off with Magellan all the the other elements of the picture depicted a Historically accurate, like the distance of the Victoria from the shoreline.  In a free for all fight which what happened in April 27 1521, it would be unlikely that the leaders of two opposing warriors would face-off, well for Hollywood sake it can.

As of this writing,  I am yet to find out more about the Painting and its artist.  But i could not remember visiting Mactan Shrine not seeing that artwork. I have been a guide for almost a decade and a half, and i witness the artworks deterioration.

The Artwork is Oil on Canvas, and except for the roof the cover it there were no walls to offer protection from the salty and of course the humidity.  I am not an art expert but i can tell a worn out artwork when i see one. Should the painting continues hanging in it current place, it will fade away to its sunset.


In order to save it, is have it restored and keep it in a control environment, and put up a weather resilient artwork just like this brass bas-relief of the Battle of Mactan in Corregidor Island.

Or something like the one that hangs on one of the walls of PICC.

We should preserve it now, otherwise forever regret. 

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