Farewell Harry Gaser


Sanciangco, Cebu City.

I learnt of the demised of Harry Gaser from my Facebook Newsfeed.

Many of the teen may not know him, but my generation and those ahead of me, Harry is a household name. He is the guy that delivers the news straightforward, no hype and no embellishment. With a well modulated authoritative voice, perfect enunciation and a very confident posture .

I used to what him in our Jurassic cabinet type black and white Zenith TV, until dad bought a new 12 inches Sony Tv (still Black and White), we only got a colored tv after my uncle got one, then papa got one also.

I was a bit luckier than other kids who had to go to other houses to watch Tv. There were only 3 or 4 houses in our neighborhood with TV, and all were my relatives.

During that time only RPN9 was airing on TV, Cable was still a light years away.

I love Harry Gaser, the is the best news anchor that time, oh well he is the only news anchor that time.

Then after the news there was John en Marsia, Superstar, Flordiluna, Champoy, Bagong Kampion. The closest to Nat Gio Or Discovery was David Attenborough’ Life on Earth series. Sex Million Dollar Man was my superhero and McGyver and his pocket knife was my everyday man. David Hassellhoff drives a car that talk before he chased those girls in bikini. And I don’t know why I keep on watching that Chinese lady cooking.

OMG how time flies.. More than half in the office where I wrote this blog can’t relate with what I am talking.

Farewell Harry Gaser, thank for the memory.

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