GT inaugurates Bright Academy

INSPIRED by the success of its beauty products, GT Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc. has opened an educational institution for preschoolers and elementary pupils in time for the 2014-2015 school year in Liloan, Cebu.

The GT Bright Academy, located along Gemelina st. in Tayud, Liloan, was inaugurated on March 29, this year.

Liloan Mayor Duke Frasco cut the ceremonial ribbon and delivered an inspirational message along with Department of Education’s Division Coordinator for Private Schools Mr. Isaiash Wagas during the inauguration.

“I welcome this very significant development made by GT Cosmetics,” Mayor Frasco said. “Education is an advocacy close to my heart and it is among my priorities here in Liloan.”

Wagas, for his part, said: “Education is an investment that you may not be able to reap in terms of money, but you will surely reap fulfillment as you see your graduates leading productive lives in the society.”

Other VIPs who graced the momentous affair were the municipal vice mayor, members of the municipal council, and other local government officials.

“We felt it is time for us to give back to the community and contribute to the betterment of the society,” said Engr. Leonora B. Salvane, GT Cosmetics founder and national manager. “And what better way to do this than to open a school that would promote academic excellence and positive values.”

Salvane said they have hired the best teaching staff, headed by GT Bright Academy principal Cecilia Lamoste, Phd, who would mold every student’s intellect, enhance the pupils’ moral and spiritual values t”o the highest level, and produce academically excellent individuals in the future.

Tuition fee in all levels is uniformly pegged at P60,000 per year, but pioneering students will only pay P50,000 per year until they finish Grade 6.

Enrolment for the coming school year will be on a first-come-first-served basis since GT Bright Academy still only has 15 classrooms available. All rooms are equipped with motorized projectors.

The five classrooms for preschoolers, Grade 1, and Grade 2 are fully air-conditioned, while the rest of the rooms located on the second floor are well ventilated and equipped with electric fans. Rooms for Play Group (1-3 years old) and Nursery (3-5 years old) are likewise carpeted.

Salvane said they are also limiting the number of students to 25 for each classroom so as to maximize their students’ learning capacity.

The GT Bright Academy will also apply a unique ID/Portal system, wherein students will have to swipe in their ID cards upon entering or exiting the school premises and parents will be notified of their children’s entry/exit at the same time through SMS.

According to Salvane, the ID cards can also be used to purchase snacks and school supplies from the canteen.

Aside from the canteen, other GT Bright Academy facilities include two school buses, a library, administration building, principal’s office, teachers lounge, and a clinic, which are all full air-conditioned. CCTV cameras have also been installed in all strategic areas of the campus.

Salvane said they are also providing parents an air-conditioned waiting room, where they can view their children’s activities in the Play Group, Nursery, and Kindergarten through a screen monitor.

The GT Bright Academy is also offering Infant Care (2 months-1 year), giving priority to working mothers who have to go back to work after giving birth.

Parents need not worry of their infants as they will be attended to by a pediatrician, a nurse, and a baby sitter, and their needs – medical, vitamins, food, bath, etc. – will be provided by GT Bright Academy.

The GT Bright Academy stands on a 5,500sqm compound and still has a lot of space for expansion.

GT plans to open a high school level next year and also plans to put up a swimming pool and a gymnasium big enough to accommodate a standard basketball court.

“And, of course, we will also be building a chapel to give honor and glory to God, who is the true owner of GT Bright Academy,” Salvane said.

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