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An affordable Mobile WiFi device: Tattoo’s best tool for school


Save as much as P1100 and get your own Tattoo Prepaid Mobile WiFi device for as low as P 1795

It’s back to school once again, and that means home works and papers will come aplenty in the next few days. To make things a little easier and faster for your research, Tattoo keeps you connected and updated whether you are, in or out of campus! Choose from any of Tattoo Prepaid’s mobile broadband devices and save as much as P1100.

As students like you gear up for another challenging but exciting year ahead, Tattoo ensures you are equipped with the best tool to beat everyone’s expectations. Get the Tattoo Prepaid Mobile 4G stick for as low as P 1795 with speeds of up to 12 Mbps, allowing you to surf sites and get the information that you need in a breeze. You can even choose a day in a week where you can access Facebook for free to relax a bit, all day long for 6 months.

Prepaid LTE devices are also available in broadband sticks, now available for only P2988 from P3,995, while the LTE Mobile WiFi formerly at P4,995 is now offered at P3,888. Powered with the blazing speeds of LTE, students can surf and stay online with speeds of up to 42 Mbps alongside the powerbank function of the LTE mobile WiFi device capable of charging phones with its 1780 mAh capacity.

As an added bonus, your new Tattoo LTE device gives you free 5GB worth of data to access the wonderful World Wide Web for the first 7 days upon service activation. That’s more than enough data to keep you on your toes as a well-rounded student.

“As students get ready for school, we also want to give them the best deals to help them stay ahead. With online connectivity now a necessity, more affordable devices mean more chances of them finally getting their own broadband stick or mobile WiFi device coupled with the fastest speeds and the coolest freebies that will definitely be their best tool to get them back into the daily school grind” says Gilbert Simpao, Senior Vice President for Tattoo Broadband Business.

This promo is open to new and existing customers. Purchase of these sticks no longer requires presentation of your school I.D. These device price drops are valid from June 21 to July 6 only.

Get the latest tablet devices and experience a blazing fast internet connection with Tattoo. Learn more about these new offers at, visit any Globe store nearest you, or call 730-1010.

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The biggest ever hospital management event in Asia happens in Cebu City, Philippines  

Cebu City, Philippines–The annual Hospital Management Asia (HMA) will be held on August 28 & 29, 2014 in Cebu City, Philippines to help hospital managers and clinicians in Asia update themselves on current healthcare management trends and best practices.
HMA, now on its 13th year, is totally committed to keeping healthcare managers, clinicians and leaders updated on worldwide healthcare management thinking and experience while creating a real and virtual forum for regional networking of healthcare managers.Last year’s event was held in Bangkok, Thailand. 882 delegates from 35 countries attended.
HMA2014 in Cebu City Philippines is presented with the full cooperation and support of the Private Hospital Association of the Philippines (PHAPi).
An integral part of HMA is the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA). The prestigious AHMA recognizes and honors hospitals in Asia that carry out best hospital practices in 11 categories. Hospitals from all over the region are encouraged to nominate themselves and enter their successful projects, programs, or best practices.
HMA 2014 is organized by Exedra Events and presented in cooperation with Joint Commission International, Austco Marketing & Service (Asia), The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, the International Hospital Federation, the Asian Hospital Federation, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, and a number of national associations and organizations across Asia.
Be a part of HMA 2014, Asia’s Premier Learning Conference and Expo for Hospital Managers where teaching, learning and networking can be achieved in one gathering! For more information about HMA 2014 and for a complete list of award categories, please
To register as a delegate, please email Efren Soliman For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Mylene Alcazar at 
To submit an entry for awards, please coordinate with Karla Alcaraz at

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Richard King of Crown Recency Group Shotdead in Davao reported last Thursday, June 12, 2014 that the owner of Club Ultima was ambushed.
The full article is stated below:
Cebu bizman ambushedThursday, June 12, 2014
DAVAO – The chairman and chief executive officer of Fuente Triangle Realty Development Corp., Richard King, was reportedly ambushed Thursday in Davao City.
Initial reports said shots were heard inside the Vital C office at the back of McDo Bajada between 6:50 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Unidentified suspects reportedly attacked King inside his office.
Authorities are still in the area as of this posting Thursday. Investigation is underway. (Sunnex)

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When two masters of pen face off


All of the sudden Lawyer and Facebook Friend Atty. Frank Malilong Jr. announces his leaving TV5 Action Bisaya as News Presenter. This gives a buzz amongst media circle. So many questions, but Atty Malilong pointed out health as a reason for leaving the show.

Last Saturday June 7 2014, in his Salins Hulbot column in Cebu Daily News, my friend Gerard Pareja wrote.

Full article here

On the very next day Atty. Malilong wrote his reply publish in SunStar Cebu.


Full article here

I won’t be taking sides, both are friends to me and I just hope they would end as friends too.

But when two masters of pen collide only one thing is for sure, we the readers could pick up a lesson or two on how both hone their craft in trading barbs.

Categories: Uncategorized | Leave a comment invites Cebuanos to join the “Yesss,Yaman!”movement

image (formerly, the Philippines’ leading buy and sell site, is now in Cebu. This signifies the successful rebranding of Sulit to become a more convenient platform that will inspire Filipinos to rethink what they know about online selling in the country. “The brand change is a representation of our commitment to change how Filipinos perceive online selling. It also reinforces the great feeling of being able to get value from items that are just gathering dust in your home,” said OLX Philippines Managing Director RJ David. encourages Cebuanos to take a second look inside their homes. Their potential wealth might be taking the form of unused handbags, clothes, books, speakers, and appliances all hiding in plain sight.   This, as opens physical offices in key cities outside Metro Manila, starting with Cebu this year, bringing OLX’s mission closer to the Cebuanos. Cebuanos can earn money from these unused personal items by joining OLX’s Yesss, Yaman! movement and becoming part of the next one million Filipinos selling their secondhand items on “Filipinos do not have much of a tradition of selling second hand items so that most households end up with a clutter of items that are no longer used. If sold, these can turn into real value, which people can use to buy new things,” David explained.  All they need to do is take a photo of the item that may still be of value to others then post it on They can also use their mobile phones to post an add using the OLX app available for iOS and Android users.  Through the Yesss, Yaman! movement, Cebuanos not only earn extra cash, they also free more space in their homes and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. assures Cebuanos that the rebranding is simply a name change. All the things sellers and buyers came to love about Sulit, such as wide variety of listings, free ad posting, and multiple seller choices, will still be reflected on
He added that there will be no impact to the sellers and the items they have posted for sale. Even the local management team remains the same Sulit team that has been serving its online users since its launch in 2006. Through the Yesss, Yaman! movement, Cebuanos not only earn extra cash, they also free more space in their homes and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. is the Philippines’ leading buy and sell website that is committed to change how Filipinos perceive online selling and encourage them to join the millions of people around the globe who have already used OLX to sell their things.


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Balamban Liempo opens first branch in Makati


Craving for something sumptuous to eat in Makati?
You can now feast on the flavorful Balamban style of roasted liempo or pork belly as Balamban Liempo opens its first takeout counter in the country’s financial center today.
Renowned for combining the unique taste of Cebu lechon and its local herbs and spices, Balamban Liempo offers a convenient and affordable gourmet liempo experience for Filipinos the world over.
It emanates an aromatic smell of fresh herbs and spices. Balamban Liempo is a golden brown slab of marbleized pork belly whichpossesses a tangy taste with a hint of spice.
Another popular take-out item is the Balambanok. This has the same unique herbs and spices found in its liempo stuffed inside, resulting in a distinct taste not found in other brands of lechon manok.
“The opening of the first branch in Makati today is a milestone for Balamban Liempo,” said founder and CEO Jojo Vergara.
Balamban Liempo was established in July 2009 by Jojo and Honey Vergara. The latter grew up in the town of Balamban which has a native method of grilling liempo (pork belly) using several local herbs and secret ingredients
Inspired by this distinct and flavourful concept, the enterprising couple set up their first shop in Mabolo, Cebu City. As time passed, this simple hole-in-the-wall business of Balamban Liempo became a growing favorite among locals.
Wandering clients became regular customers, and the word began to spread about the unique taste, aroma, and flavor of Balamban liempo.
 “We plan to reach a hundred branches by July of the present year,” said Vergara. The homegrown Cebu-based food chain currently boasts of over 80 outlets nationwide.

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Comida de Independencia


As a Student of History i always came across menu cards and newspaper articles that mentioned food served of special banquets. Since food history is the least of my priorities, oh well i love foods, to partake but not really to read about it.

Cafe Marco (the best buffet in Cebu City) Marco Polo Plaza Cebu offers another installment of its long running Culinary Journey. This time it pays 

Comida de Independencia runs until June 14 2014.


Here are some of the dishes featured:



After the sumptuous meal a good Cigar completes the experience.


All pictures is courtesy of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

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