DU30’s Number

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, is yet to reveal his political plans for 2016 Presidential Elections, yet his numbers in the surveys are on a steady uptrend.


Digong had been going around the country on what he called as “Listening Tour” promoting not himself but the concept of Federalism. In a forum I attended, He lamented that the very centralized setup of government we currently have most of the countryside specially Mindanao were left behind in growth and development.

Also in the same forum, He showcased how he was able to make Davao City one of the Safest place to live. His critics would link him to the infamous Davao Death Squad (DDS), he would neither accept nor deny it, but would be very upfront to say “If your a Drug pusher in Davao, your Dead”


Duterte’s ruled Davao with iron hand, but this got the investor’s confidence to the City, and turn out to be the most progressive city in an island with a delicate peace and order situation.


What then makes his rising popularity? Many of us are sick and tired of graft and corruption which fast becoming a norm in Philippine Politics. With almost all of the presidential aspirant being accused of graft, Digong came as a better alternative. I think his campaign for Federalism is not really a factor, but more and more people wanted Change.

Can Digong makes this Country great?

Can Digong dismantle Graft and Corruption?

Can Digong Institute Change?

This All Can be answered if the number question is answered.

And tthe Number one question is:

Is Digong running for President?


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