Coco Martin: Shell Lubricant patron then, product endorser now

Cebu, Philipines. Coco Martin, Kapamilya’s Most Bankable Star is the latest Brand Ambassador for Shell Lubricants Remula and Advance. Formal announcemen was made by Shell executives during the Cebu Trade Partners Convention, At the Oakredge Pavillion, Oakridge Business Park, Mandaue City.

Prior to the appearance of Coco Martin, the convention attendees were given product update, new marketing schemes and special prize were raffle off, from microwave oven, airconditioning unit a flat sceen tv. Two top prizes a Samsung Curve TV and Honda Click Motorbike were auction off, bidders had to pledge an order of Shell Lubricants Products, and the top prize went to the Trade Partners with highest order.

The last part of the program was a menu concert with Coco Martin and some of his co-stars in the Hit Teleserye Ang Probensyano.

Coco Martin shares his personal experience of Shell Lubricant. Coco Grandfather made a living driving a Jeepney, and was able to provide for his family. Coco’s Father took the route, as his father does.

Coco grew up as a jeepney driver’s son, he witnessed how his father took great care in maintening his Jeepney, the family’s primary source of income. Coco reveals thast his father used Shell Remula heavy duty engine oil for their jeepney.

I share common experience with Coco, not that both of my Father and Grandfather were jeepney drivers, but both of them were Mechanics.

My Father inhirited from my grandfather the task of maintaining all the heavy equiptments of the Hacienda where i grew up, from Cargo Trucks, to Tractors and utility vehicles as well as the laxury cars of the Bosses. All were maintain by my Father and his crew. And the secret for low down time of the farm machineries under my father’s watch was a dependable Shell Remula. Because it is designed to be high performing heavy duty Engine oil, farm equiptments work at their optimal performances with out hurting it’s engine.

I could vividly remember that all those epmty gallons and pails would end up as our water containers.

And who can endorse a product better than once upon a time a fan.


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