Salarium: A Fully-Automated Payroll System Arrives in Cebu.

Karl Panahon, Judah Hirsch of Salariun with TechSurge’s Finance Officer Donna Campogan

Cebu City. Salarium Founder and Cebu Judah Hirsch in a Businness Round Table at Seda Ayala Center, last June 18, 2019 introduce a new way of doing Payroll.

” …the fear of automation can be easily solved by reskilling employees”


Reskilling is an initiative in which employees learn new skills to improve their capabilities and enhance their current professional track. For Filipino companies, this could be the difference between building more efficient and innovative operations and being left behind with the times.

“Reskilling works to everyone’s advantage. For the company, it means enhancing the current and trusted workforce you have by taking away automatable tasks and letting them focus on their true expertise and on newly developed skills… For the employees, not only do they get to learn more skills, they will become even more competent and competitive as professionals.”


Salarium is a COMPLETE payroll solutions, they a a fully integrated hardware and software system, the reduce a two-day payroll processing into just hours, now that’s efficiency brought about by Salaruim.

And since this is all done in the cloud, the payroll maker, need now be physically in the office to process the salary.

Salarium also has this VISA powered Union Bank issued SalPay, to be issued to all employee. No more hasle on your employees to open a bank account and that tedious process of bank transfers. With Salarium, one click of the paymaster, funds are automatically credited to employees’ SalPay.

With SalPay, your employees can enjoy E-Banking, Bills Payment, Easy Cash Out thru ATMs, Free Unlimeted Withdrawals among others.

Salary Comes Along way, from it’s Roman’s root, where soldier of the Roman empire were paid Salt for the services they render, thus Salary came about. To that long yellow collumnar pad, then to semi autometed to how Fully Automated Payroll Solution.

Oh did i mentioned Salarium also has its own biometrics machine, Yes you can either integrate you own biometrics machine or let Salarium give you the whole caboodle.

To know more about Salarium check their website


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