YES.. Frog is food..

Traveling expose me to different culture, and one of big aspect of culture  is food. One can’t fully fathom the culture of a place without studying its cuisine.

My recent trip, brought me to Ilocandia, to attend the 4th National Tour Guides Convention in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

Since my roots is from there, i went ahead of schedule to find time to visit my relatives from my fraternal grandfather side of the family tree.

I arrived very early from an overnight bus ride from Manila, that upon arrival i asked for a bed to take a nap.

After a good two hours nap, i took a bath, a very refreshing and energizing one.

There were people in the drive way of my cousin’s house, I went out to see what there up to. There i saw my Aunt, my cousin and a lady with her kid busy doing something.

Went closer to se what she was doing;



Yes she’s skinning the frogs.


As they call it “palakang bukid” or farm frogs. Surprisingly it has white meat.


And a bit pricy too.. at 5.00 a piece.

I went for a walk, but the image of the frog being skinned keep playing in my mind. I went back just in time my cousin was prepping for dinner.



We had frog adobo and frog tinola.


My cousin said she did not cook any other dish so i will be forced to eat the dish on the table.

My brain is killing me, and all of them were making fun of me..

Then I give the frog my first bite, and it does taste like chicken, and the Ilocano way of cooking made it “Masarap”.

And from then on it give me another perspective of this creature.

And you don’t have to take my for it.. you have to try it yourself…


Frog anyone?

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The Way They Eat


You would know that  Philippine Independence Day Celebration is just around the corner when you suddenly sees a lot of Philippine Flag being displayed. Then we come to relive the lives of our Heroes who fought for our Independence from Spain. But if we really had Independence on June 12 or was it the 4th of July?(that would be another blog subject)

Yes we are aware how brave our heroes were, but did we stop and ask: what were the constitution of their diets? what do the mochacho serve on the revolutionaries’ table?

Cafe Marco of The Marco Polo Plaza Cebu takes you back a Century on a Culinary Journey that the explores the kitchen of the Yesteryears in Philippine History.

On June 7 to 16, 2013, come and savor Café Marco’s wide selection of our favorite Filipino dishes with Spanish influence on top of the international buffet. Feast with friends and family on dishes reminiscent of Filipino family gatherings such as Arroz ala Valenciana, Pata Humba, Mechado, Adobo de Carajay, Bangus Salad with Kesong Puti and a lot more! All these cooked perfectly from the Café Marco Kitchen with the culinary expertise of Cebu’s Culinary Guru, Ms. Jessica Avila.

Celebrate freedom the good ol’ Filipino way with Cucina del Siglo, only at Miele Guide’s Top 5 Best Restaurant in the Philippines, Café Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu hotel!

For inquiries and reservations, you may call (Cebu) +63-32 2531111    or (Manila) +63 2 887 1263




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Starbucks Planner Anyone?


Finally I  owned my very first Starbucks Planner.


After another event, Ruben Licera Jrtug-me-along to a  Starbucks event.

We were a bit late, as we arrived at Starbucks Terraces Ayala, some of the bloggers were already leaving.

The Marketing group were kind enough to replay their presentation for us, and loot bag were distributed, and it contained among others, The Starbucks 2031 Planner.

Here is how you can get your very own Starbucks 2013 Planner.

The Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner will be available in three leather covers (white, green and black) and comes with a magnetic bookmark. It has thirteen “kindness cards” with different Starbucks treats that can be shared with family, friends and loved ones. The kindness cards may be redeemed at any Starbucks store in the Philippines during a specified period in 2013.
A customer can avail of a Starbucks Christmas traditions planner promo card from November 3, 2012 to January 8, 2013. One sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase. Holder must accumulate a total of seventeen (17) stickers (nine (9) Christmas beverage plus eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks) to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner.
With every redeemed Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner comes a donation for the children of SparkHope – an early childhood care and development program in partnership with UNICEF.

Photos: Starbucks


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A Trip to Bicolandia without leaving Cebu

Cebu City
April 18, 2012

Today is the birthday Don Vicente Sotto, i attended a ceremony hosted by Cebu City government to honor Don Inting’s legacy. It’s a well attended gathering, with members of the Sotto Clan headed grandson Sen. Tito Sotto, and  daughter Dr. Suga Sotto-Yuvienco.

Halfway of the program i have to leave the Sinulog Hall of the Rizal Memorial Library, on my way to Bicolandia.

Nah!!! not the Bicolandia as in Bicol Region..

My Bicolandia this time is the Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, the home of the Best Buffet in town.

Marco Polo together with Department of Tourism Bicol Region (5) and Cebu Pacific brings to Cebu the Culinary Journey: Bicolandia.

Chef Doy Sto. Domingo, Bicol’s Celebrity Chef, gives us an array of Region’s Culinary treasure.

Chili Wraps

We started our journey with Chili Wraps, yes its chili wrap in Lumpia wrappers.   Former Central Visayas DOT director Dawnie Roa, asked me to try it first, to gauge  how hot is it. It was a bit bearable for me, but i found out the Madam Dawnie’s Chili threshold is way lower than mine.

Longganisang Bicol

Longganisang Bicol, comes in a smaller package compared to the regular longanisa we have in our markets, its as compact as chorizo bilboa.

Langkoy with Ensaladang Talong

Langkoy, Beltfish is Bicol’s Danggit.

The soup is Lapulapu sa Buko, or in Bicolandia they call it Binakol na Lapulapu, its a bit sweet for it contain buko juice.

Paella Bicolana

Don Jaime Picornel, the Honory Consul of Spain couldn’t have enough of Paella Bicolana, its mainly brown rice with bounty of the sea over it.

Guisado Pancit Bato

Pancit Bato came from the town of  Bato in Camarines Sur.

Gulay na Natong (Laing)

Bicol Express

Of Coure Bicol Meal would not be complete without Laing and Bicol Express.


The name skips my mind, but this is Bicol’s version of shakoy.


Mazapan de Pili


Then came the Chili Ice Cream, we have a good laugh, when Former Director Dawnie Roa, scream  as the chili in the ice cream got her. As the ice cream come in contact with your tongue, just like any other ice cream sweet and cold then the chili fang follows.

You Don’t Have to take my word for it…

You Must Try it for yourself…


Catch this interesting Culinary experience  at Cafe Marco, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu from April 20 to 29, 2012.  Authentic Bicolano Dishes comes along with Cafe Marco’s international buffet fevorites. Lunch Buffet is serve from 12:oo noon until 2:30 pm and Dinner from 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm.

Diners get a chance to win a round trip tickets to Legaspi courtesy of Cebu Pacific.

For inquiries and reservations: Call Cebu: (032) 253 1111 and Manila (02) 887 1263.

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