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SUGBO 1898


General Emilio Aguinaldo Mansion, Kawit, Cavite

Every 12th of June the whole country celebrates Independence Day. Originally Philippine Independence day was on the 4th of July, commemorating July 4, 1946 when President Manuel Roxas raised the Philippine Flag which signaled the Independence of the Island from the United States of America.

“..on August 4, 1964, I signed at Malacañang Republic Act No. 4166 statutorily prescribing June 12 as Philippine Independence Day. Special witnesses invited to the signing were children of Presidents, including Carmen Melencio-Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon Jr., Maria Osmeña-Charnley, Gerardo Roxas, Tomas Quirino, and my sons Arturo and Diosdado Jr.” President Diosdado Macapagal

Paying Respect to General Miong

Paying Respect to General Miong

We all know what happened in the Katagalogan on June 12, 1898, but what about SUGBO?


a bas-relief of “Inang Bayan” holding a flag, on the ceiling of Aguinaldo’s Mansion living room

Cebu only became independent from Spain on December 24, 1898, when the Spaniards unceremoniously sail away from the Island following the treaty of Paris, which sold Las Islas Filipinas to  Estados Unidos.


Aguinaldo’s appendix and gauze that was left inside him after his appendectomy in 1919

I sent an Email to Dr. Micheal Cullinane Associate Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Mike is one of the experts on Cebuano History. I asked him if there was any significant event in Cebu on June 12, 1898. Herewith is his reply verbatim:

Ka Bino,
Great questions – I can see where you are going… maayo man…

So, some historical background… As you know, Tres de Abril 1898, Cebuanos revolted against Spain; by April 7th, the Spaniards retook the ciudad and forced the rebels, led by Leon Kilat and Luis Flores (ug uban pa) to the south (Carcar for Leon Kilat) and to the Luyong Dagat (contracosta) and bukid for Luis Flores, Emilio Verdeflor, Arcadio Maxilom, etc, with the latter grupo ending up by May at Sudlon. Leon, of course, was assassinated in Carcar. So, from Mayo to Diciembre 1898, the Cebuanos held out at Sudlon and continually challenged the Spanish control over many towns on both coasts. In June, there were several battles that took place between Spanish forces and Cebuanos, especially in the Toledo-Tuburan area (often involving Verdeflor & Maxilom and others) and in Pardo — down the mountain from Sudlon. So, for your turistas and others, you can say for sure that while Emilio Aguinaldo was declaring independence in Cavite, the Cebuanos were fighting the Spaniards in various places in Cebu.
The only actual event that you may be able to use is that on June 12, 1898 there was a famous battle in Pardo, when the Cebuano rebels, including Arcadio Maxilom, Potenciano Aliňo, Francisco Llamas, and Rafael Tabal, attacked the Spanish garrison in Pardo. I found a description of this event in the article “Ang Pardo sulod sa usa ka gatus ka tuig” by Onofre A. Abellanosa, published in the souvenir program: 1st Centennial Celebration: El Pardo Parish, 1966.
So, there’s a good one…
You can also included the series of battle that took place in Balamban under the leadership of Emilio Verdeflor, one of the leaders at Sudlon at the time.
Hope it works. Let me know.
Mike (@Tay)

Aguinaldo's final resting place as seen from the mansion's tower

Aguinaldo’s final resting place as seen from the mansion’s tower

So the Aguinaldo’s declaration of Independence was not really felt in Cebu.

We Should start decentralizing our History.

We should try to focus more on local History.

Every Town has his own story to tell.

For Philippine History is about all of the local histories and not just the story of select few.


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Easy Taxi offers ‘Zero Booking Fee’ promo this August


Easy Taxi, the world’s largest taxi booking app, is offering a “Zero Booking Fee” promo for taxi passengers in Cebu and Manila starting August 4 until September 4.


Easy Taxi allows users to book a cab using their mobile phones. The app also allows users to live track their cab’s whereabouts from the convenience of their home or office.


With the “Zero Booking Fee” promo, this service can be availed by taxi passengers and only pay the metered bill. The promo is available for subscribers from all mobile networks.


This is a sequel to Easy Taxi’s ‘Rainy Day’ promo which offered a P40 booking fee – P30 off its original fixed fee of P70 – last June and July.


Easy, convenient, reliable taxi experience


“Requesting for a taxi has never been so easy, convenient, and reliable. With Easy Taxi, booking your cab is just one touch away,” said Daniel Torres, Easy Taxi CEO for the Philippines.


“Keeping in line with our commitment to provide quality service to the Pinoy on-the-go, we are waiving our booking fee for an entire month, to serve more Filipinos better,” he said.


The Easy Taxi app can be downloaded for free on your mobile phones and gadgets simply by visiting the Apple App or Google Play stores.


“Our value propositions of safety, convenience, and quality service for every customer helped Easy Taxi retain its position as the market leader in e-booking app services,” said Torres.


Before boarding a taxi, the passenger is provided by the app with the designated driver’s information like the name, license plate, and contact details.


“The information the app makes available to users can be shared to friends and loved ones, thus giving them the guarantee of a safer riding experience,” said Torres.


In case of valuables accidentally left in the cab, passengers can ask Easy Taxi operators to contact the driver in their behalf and therefore increasing the likelihood of retrieving the said items.



Added value for taxi cab drivers


“Easy Taxi don’t only give passengers a royal treatment, we also provided added value for taxi cab drivers who get extra income from patronizing the app,” said Torres.


Taxi drivers driving passengers who used the app will receive a P60 booking fee during the weekday rush-hours for 2 weeks between August 4 and August 16.


Partnered with Easy Taxi are some of the country’s most trusted fleets, thus assuring passengers of drivers that are trained and educated to offer the best customer service possible.


Outside of the Philippines, Easy Taxi is available in 4 continents, 34 countries, and 162 cities and boasts of as much as 185,000 registered drivers.


It is part of the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APIG), which was founded by Rocket Internet in 2014 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific region.


APIG’s network currently consists of 10 companies operating in 15 countries. Easy Taxi recently raised $40 million in its fourth round of funding, in order to make its service more widely available.


Easy Taxi continues to help pave the way for improved public service transportation experience for commuters in the bustling streets of Cebu and Metro Manila.

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Farewell: Luzon Lumber

Cebu City, Nov.26, 2012

This is a Followup of  Vanishing Soon: Luzon Lumber

I ended it with a call to Photographed the doomed building, and here are some of the pics:

Facebook friend Rhoel Balili Awit uploaded these on his Wall and tagged me.

Photo By: Rhoel Balili Awit

Photo By: Rhoel Balili Awit

Photo By: Rhoel Balili Awit

But Joseph Cabrera posted this very sad state of Luzon Lumber;

Photo Credit: Joseph Cabrera

This was taken from the back portion of the building, that shows its the stage of demolition, in just a few weeks from now the area would be just a vacant lot.

Karaang Sugbo page posted this in his status:

In a few weeks time, Luzon Lumber will be nothing more than an empty lot. Please identify parts of the Luzon Lumber building you would like to be saved for posterity, something that future generations would appreciate and wonder what is it about Luzon Lumber and our collective childhood experience of rushing to the only place in Cebu City where they sell precut plywood boards for our school projects. 

Hopefully, with the kind indulgence of the owners, they would donate perhaps the old signboard, the old house number plate, a window or two to be preserved for posterity. Hopefully, when we see these items, we can look back and reminisce our schoolboy/schoolgirl days when we would rush to Luzon Lumber to buy materials for our school projects. Perhaps we can tell the future generation that on that spot once stood not only business but a landmark that was so unique in a bustling city of concrete; one of the last all-wood buildings in the area; Three walls of the building still stand, please take photographs and post them here and share your childhood stories. Time is ticking on this landmark building in downtown Cebu, while we may not be able to save the entire building, hopefully, we can save enough of it, so the future generation can understand what that business meant to the schoolboy/schoolgirl we once were.

It pains me to see a portion of Cebu’s Collective Memories will be gone very very soon..

So if you have time, place visit it and have your picture taken, they may take down the building but they can’t take away the memories.

Here is the Google Earth Screen Capture of Luzon Lumber.

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Vanishing Soon: Luzon Lumber

Cebu City,November 24, 2012


It has been closed for several moths already, the huge structure of wood in the corner of Sancianco and Leon Kilat Streets in this City.

It houses the Luzon Lumber, which is very well remembered for selling custom-cut plywoods that were very useful for school project the require a small piece of wood. But they sell also among others of course Lumber Materials.

When i arrived in Cebu, some years back, (hmm let just leave the date secret lest you would some up my age)  I live with my cousin who bake’s cake for a business. She does Cake for Wedding, which is multi-tier and made of plywood. Luzon Lumber was our supplier of those custom cut wood.

Lately I badly need a wood for my bed, so i went to Luzon lumber but it was close, I thought maybe it would open later, for in the recent year they had erratic schedule, but it never opened.

Then I read a Facebook post by Prof. Jojo Bersales of the University of San Carlos:

Notice/news flash:
The Luzon Lumber building at the corner of Leon Kilat and Sanciangko Streets is now being slowly demolished. Presently, the outside walls facing the street are intact, the south wall has been removed. “

The Floodgate of Memories opens, and here are some of the comment:

Randy Pable Napuli they will renovate it or the Emall is buying the lot?

Dexter F. Quinit kabantay ko bitaw ana sir nga gihinay na nila ug guba.murag intact pa tan awn kung nag atubang ka bldg pero wa na diay sulod.

Teng Sy Enn ayay! slowly nawala ang mga known sa area… 😦:(

Ailene-Elcon De los Santos I remember around 25 years ago mo anha mi og ako bro mopalit og mga pre cut wood panel para school project. I passed by 3 years ago and the grandeur is still there Walay nabag o except sa mga tapad . Maka recall jud sa HS life ig mo agi ko , hopefully b4 completely Ma demolished maka post og picture pa mo ” Karaan”

Breinn Tan Aguilar sayang noh. ngano kaha dili mo value ug treasure ang mga pinoy noh? dili kaau tig.preserve ug old buildings and the like ang mga pinoy. sayang. =/

Karaang Sugbo (Old Cebu) Posting as Jobers: i already contacted relatives of the owner the other month pa and I was told that there were no plans yet to demolish and i was promised that the signage “Luzon Lumber Company” would be turned over to the museo sugbo for temporary safekeeping just in case this happens. there is also a carromata marked “Luzon Lumber” inside that I had asked to be preserved or kept at the Museo temporarily…will check this out again.


Karaang Sugbo (Old Cebu) Posting as Harve: when I passed by earlier, wood panels of the west wall adjacent to Emall have been removed. The south wall is totally gone and the inside of the building can be viewed from Sanciangko St.,from the outside, one could see a hint of green paint on the second floor. Sections of the roof are also gone, leaving what remains of the structure open to the elements. While viewing the Cebu aerial photo after the September 1944 bomb run, one can clearly make out the roof as well as the outline of the building which was very close to the Cebu railway station.


Smarkies Anthony MorenoNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! didto pud ko tig palit mga gagmayng plywood pang project nako sa City Central School.

I really appreciate that building of all modern building in Cebu City, Every time maka kita ko anang balaya the faith of preserving of that house, abi nako protected na sa Cebu City.

I can still imagine those Antique Stall Number nga naka lansang pa sa each door.


And the list goes on..

All of them are saddened for the demised of a structure that harbors collective memories.

Since its a private property, there is nothing much we can do about it.

So if you have a Camera, be it point and shot or DSLR, please take a picture of this building before its too late.





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Treasured Recipes at Cafe Marco


When ever i find a reasons to go up Nivel Hills, am there.

Days ago i got an SMS invite for the Media Launch of Cafe Marco’s yet another Culinary Journey, this time Treasured Recipes of  Cebu top Culinary Icons.

Tina Ebrada, Ilonga by birth Cebuana by heart, who founded The Golden Cowrie.

Senorita Teresin Mendezona, a Cebuana with Spanish and Palestinian ancestry, Cebu’s Culinary pride.

“My grandmother once told me the ‘cooking is an art and eating is a habit.’ Although initially i did not mind her encouragement to learn the art of cooking, i later realized how important it is to learn to cook. It is not only a fine preparation for marriage, but an inheritance  that stays on for generations to come.” goes Jessica Avilla opening speech.

Guest at the Media launch were treated with a refreshing Lemonade with Basel leaf.

Marco Polo’s GM Hans Hauri introduced to the croud the Men In White, the powerhouse cast of Cafe Marco’s Kitchen who for day’s labored with Senorita Teresin and Madam Tina.

After the introduction, a short opening ceremony follows.

Then we were able to sample the Treasure.

I really enjoyed eating my way to Cebu rich culinary history.

But don’t take my word for it, you have to try it yourself.

Cafe Marco Culinary Journey Featuring Treasured Recipes  run from 8 to 17 June, 2012.

For inquiries and reservations: Call Cebu: (032) 253 1111 and Manila (02) 887 1263.

Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu

Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas
Cebu City, 6000, Philippines

Phone:           +63 (32) 253 1111
Facsimile:     +63 (32) 234 8170

Photo Credits: Emma Villarente and Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu

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