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Cebu City

November 4, 2012

As the Latest Bond Film opened, all my friends  were trooping to the movie-houses around town. I did not jump in the bandwagon, I even told my friend  ” I don’t like Daniel Craig  as James Bond, but i will still watch the movie”.

Workload this afternoon a bit light, pick up guest from the airport and send them off to Bohol. As early as 2pm, work is done, so i went to the movie house.

I entered the movie house and went to my seat, while on screen was the part where Silva storm the hearing at the Parliament to Kill M.

While watching i almost feel a sleep, which i actually did towards the end that i was awaken by the attendant clearing some trash.

I went out of the movie house and grab a Cafe Latte to perk me up.

When i went back to my seat  I miss a couple of  movie trailer.

It started well, just like any other film, the intro, is a treat by it self.

Opening credits live up to my expectations.

But the movie was only good up to the opening credits.

After that it gets boring and dragging.

I didn’t see much of the gadgets, Car chase was so so,  Bond Girl another so so.

I was glued to my seat  pondering why i went there in the first place.

A certain Bhushan  from Pune, India had this comment:

“Skyfall: The WORST Bond film ever Please do not waste your time in watching this movie. All reviewers have overrated this movie. It seems Sam Mendes has directed this movie in keeping Oscars in mind; not the legendary of Bond series. This movie will disappoint you if you are Bond fan & even if you are fan of action films. I found following points really pathetic, 1. Naomi Harris is like cartoon & has no chemistry with Daniel Creig. 2. Daniel Creig lacks the charm associated with Bond persona. 3. Nothing to apluad about actions scenes; the very few that movie has. 4. We know Bond as a hero who saves the world. In this film he is limited to protecting M. 5. The film is slow paced & lacks depth in its script; though it promises tohave depth at start but as you reach climax you realize lack of it. 6. Poor dialogues. There’s absolutely nothing that can leave you shaken & stirred.”

I could not disagree with him, i felt the same way.

Call me Old School but Skyfall failed to impress me.

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