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Is Your Restroom Clean Enough?

I lost count of how many times I been to Bohol, yet every trip offers a surprise or two.

This time i find my self in the country’s 10th largest island for the Bohol Mapup organized by GDG Cebu  in cooperation with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Bohol and Holy Name University. I volunteer to help in the training of mappers using Google Mapmaker.

On our way to our Hotel, i spotted a coffee shop at the Shell Station on the corner of New Calceta st. and Carlo P. Garcia Avenue.

We went inside the coffee shop and check it out, Coffee is reasonable priced and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.

One of my companion wanted to used the toilet, so he borrowed the key from the Convenient Store in the same gas station. As he went into the restroom he shouted “Guys you must see this..” and started clicking his DSLR. We rush in and we were delighted of what we saw.

The  Restroom is so clean that i did this:


This is the first time i have seen a Gas Station Toilet this clean, and it smelled good too, it has that Spa scent.

The place has free wifi, so i uploaded the above picture in Facebook and it generated a lot of Likes and Comments, most were amazed by its cleanliness and few who were unimpressed.

Looking at it one can’t help but wish that this would be the “Standard” for all public restroom.

I am optimistic that i could still find a restroom like this in some other parts of the country.

If your Public Restroom is Clean Enough…

Let me knew, and I might just do what I did..


Amare Shell Service Station is located along Carlo P. Garcia Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, they have a Facebook and I was told that a Shell Service Station in Lawaan Talisay City, Cebu is of the same concept,

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1820 Massacre

On the 9th of October 1820, 3,000 men armed with pikes knives and bludgeon massacre all the stranger. 2 detachment of troops failed to quell the tumult which left 28 persons dead, 12 French, 2 Dutch and 14 English n American merchant n seamen. The following day 85 Chinese were also killed. The reason for the macabre episode was an invidious rumor began to circulate that the foreigners intended to annihilate the indios. They allegedly had perpetrated the CHOLERA by poisoning the water and air of Manila, a scheme they were said to have furthered when their medical personnel administered poison instead of medicine..
Later accounts fingers the FRIARS as the source of the rumors.

These could be taken from a scene of a Hollywood flick

but its not it did happened almost 200 years ago.

Who says HISTORY is Boring…

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