Ka Bino Guerrero is a Heritage Interpreter, Tour Guide, Broadcaster, Dog Lover, Nature Tripper, Biker…


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  1. Hi Ka Bino. Where (and what time) can I catch you in this year’s Gabii sa Kabilin? I would like to join your walking tour. Thanks!

    • kabino

      i will do 2 types of tour.. one is a photo tour.. near Cebu Heritage Monument which i will bring to Life Pictures of Old Cebu. Then a walking tour on Colon Street.

      • Thanks Ka Bino. What time if you don’t mind? I have been trying to find you for the last two GSK but have had no luck, either I’m too late or just don’t know where the tour is 😀

  2. Hi Ka Bino! I met you once during Sir Boboy Costa’s talk on Bojo’s River Tour at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Museum and I faintly recalled that you were from Tanjay. I’ve been to the Azucarera de Bais some years ago, and I’m trying to make a write-up on the chapel that lies next to the azucarera, just before the old train. The chapel is painted green and white, and is beside the road, on the left side going to Bais. I tried to look for information about it in the Internet but came up with nothing. Do you have information about that chapel? And, if you do, would you please share that info? I’d appreciate it if you do. 🙂 Thank you (I will credit you, of course, as source). Thanks!

    Psyche Castillon

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