Gilbert Bargayo 17th crucifixion

The first time i meet Gilbert Bargayo was in Mantalongon Dalaguete in 2008 , prior to his crucifixion, when i do an interview together with Dunc Coleman an Australian Freelance Docu-filmmaker.

He gamely show me his hands with more than many times nail driven to it.

The scar is not  that prominent, he told me that he made sure that the nails are driven exactly on the same spot.

Our next meeting is just a while ago in Duljo-Fatima, Cebu City.

He look exactly the same the last time i saw him nailed in the cross of the chilly mountain  of  Mantalongon.

Of course his assistants are there, the younger guy is the keeper of the nails, the older one is tasked of driving the nails, and making an incision on the the skin near the his rib cage.

This is the 17th time he had himself nail to the cross. The Mantalongon Crucifixion  was more organized, and the cool mountain breeze made the entire episode more bearable.

Today was just chaotic, organizers just don’t know what crowd management was. There were policeman but of no use. One guy in Barong went near the cross and shouted at photojournalist to move away, but never bother people with their camera phone, who were recording the event like they have a deadline to beat.

More Pictures here.

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