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Illuminated by NOKIA Lumia

The first Phone I ever had was a Nokia 2010


Nobody dared to teased me for the fear of my phone landing on them. Its a hand-me-down unit which i got from my cousin. It lasted with me for years, i got a little problem with its 2 line lcd screen  when my friends were already using 4 lines lcd screen sending me those  graphic SMS.

Then i went hopping from one mobile unit to another, and for fear of boring my readers i wont enumerate all my mobile phone.

Right now i have a LG Optimus Me which comes free from my Sun Postpaid line,     the choice of LG was due to my previous phone which is LG KM555.

I also have a Blackberry Curve which i used primarily for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare among others.

Dharmesh Goshalia General Manager, Head of Sales Nokia Philippines.

Yesterday, I found a smartphone of my dream, the Nokia Lumia Series.

The Functionality matches my lifestyle..

Being a Tour Guide i am always on the go, and admittedly i have a very bad sense of direction, luckily i am a very good in map reading.

The Nokia Drive which is available in all the of the Lumia phones, is tool that i need to guide me around, and would save me those awkward moment when the guest or tourist would ask me where we are.

Nokia Drive works even when your offline, for the map resides in the unit and not it the cloud.

I am also into Photography, the Lumia 900 and Lumia 800 have  the superior optics technology of   Carl Zeiss. It can take amazing picture, and   can upload it to Facebook in instant.

With the these features am already convince that Lumia is going to be my next Smartphone.

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Move by Movenpick

While I was busy judging a Photo Contest, my phone rung, on the other line was Ruben Lacera Jr. asking me it i can joined them. They were at the Movenpick Resort and Spa Cebu.

I said yes i can, thinking that it was just a Press Con, and of course lunch. I informed Ruben that i would be done in less than and hour, and hung-up and go on with the judging job.

Several minutes later another call from Ruben came-in, asking me if i want to be picked-up by the Hotel Car, i replied that am good taking the cab, then he told me that its an overnight stay, so i asked for another hour, to go home and pack an overnighter.

After am done with the judging stint, my co-judge and Cebu’s Top Photo Journalist Tatay Tony Despojo offered me a ride home. in less than 10 minutes upon my arrival  in my house in Urgello, i am “packed and ready to go”. Boarded a cab to Punta Engano.

Upon arrival at the Hotel, the Bell service informed me that the Media and Blogger Group had already left for Cauhagan Island. And i was ushered to the front office for check-in procedure. I send an SMS to Ruben informing him that i am yet to have my lunch, which he replied “that is all taking cared of, somebody would take you for lunch.”I was given my card key and was informed that i shared room with Blogger Miong.
It never bothered me being late for the Cauhagan Island trip, i was tempted to the queen size bed, and the LAN cable the would allow me to do my favorite pastime, Facebooking.
Droped my bag, went down for lunch, had Miso Soup and Salad, and ordered Grilled Salmon. But as i was dishing into my salad i was informed that Lapulapu City Mayor Paz Radaza had sent a jet ski or waverunner to be precise. The excitement over that fact of cruising the Hilutongan Chanel on a jet ski made me forgot the Grilled Salmon.
The Jet Ski ride, from Movenpick to Cauhagan Island last approximately about half an hour. Upon my arrival the group were about to start with Lunch, but they did not allowed me to take the my seat without asking me Historical perspective of the Island’s name.
Lunch was hosted the Mayor, which include:  

After the sumptuous Seafood Lunch, we went to the other side of Cauhagan Island to play with the waves on-board the waverunner.
While some went on the jet ski some care to stay to hear His Story
 Then we head back to the sea for a Sunset Cruise.
Engaging with the Lady Mayor  on varying topic from the problems in the Lapulapu tourism sector, to  the  Cross Dressing Festival of  the islander and mythical men of Mactan’s past.

 Standing to stress a point.
While the Lady Mayor is all ears
The Cruise is caped with a a magnificent view of Movenpick and the Sunset

We went back to our room for a short break, we were asked to be at the Spa by 6:30 for dinner. Miong went for a swim at the pool, while i had a bubble bath, the toiletries is from Italy’s Cali Tarocco line, its very refreshing with extract of Sicilian Red Orange.
Dinner was marvelous…with me did most of the talking.
Then we had Movie under the star a unique movie experience only Movinpick can offer.
To be Continued…
Movenpick Resort & Spa Cebu
Punta Engano
Mactan Island
6015 Cebu, Philippines
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Gabii Sa Kabilin


The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) Culture and Heritage Unit and its partners will hold the sixth run of Gabii sa Kabilin on May 25, 2012 from 6 p.m. to 12 midnight.

This year the heritage event will feature 22 main attractions composed of museums and cultural sites in the cities of Cebu and Mandaue.

These are:

Aboitizland Heritage Pocket,

Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center and The Terraces

Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Museum

Don Sergio Osmeña Memorabilia and Art Gallery at College Assurance Plan Center

Cathedral Museum

Casa Gorordo Museum

Cebu City Museum

Cebu Normal University (CNU)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple

Fort San Pedro

Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum

Mandaue City Plaza

Museo Parian sa Sugbo

Museo Sugbo

Plaza Independencia

Sacred Heart Parish Church and Alternative Contemporary Arts Studio (ACAS)

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño through the Santo Niño de Cebu Augustinian Social Development Foundation (SNAF)

University of San Carlos Museum

University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Rizaliana Museum

and Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.

Tourists are treated to cultural performances, exhibits, art fairs, food markets, and interactive demonstrations in the 22 main sites.

For this year’s Gabii sa Kabilin, there are various suggested routes according to specific themes applicable to the museums and heritage sites, which guests can choose from. These themes includeMuseums; Art Galleries and Alternative Spaces; Heritage Structures; Historic Educational Institutions; Churches, Temples, and Sacred Spaces; and Historic Public Spaces. There’ll also be a walking tour along heritage sites that are within walking distance from each other.


Animated Walking Tour Guide

With one ticket worth PhP150.00, local and foreign tourists may go to as many participating museums and cultural heritage sites within the six hours of the heritage event. The ticket also allows them to take as many rides as they want in Gabii sa Kabilin-designated buses and one tartanilla (horse-drawn carriage) trip in Cebu City’s old district

For more information about Gabii sa Kabilin and other programs of the RAFI-Culture and Heritage, please call 418-7234 local 703 and look for May, Karl or Florencio. Click here for ticket reservations.

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